According to whois records, it would appear that the domain name  has very likely been sold! The likely domain sale hits close to home for me, not because I owned the domain or was the buyer, it’s because I have the disease! It’s a horrible disease that is life altering and I deal with it constantly! Crohn’s and Colitis are very similar.

A little bit about the likely domain sale of was owned by Reflex Publishing Inc., who owns killer domain names like,,, and to mention a few.

Reflex owned since at least as early as 2006 and more recently had the domain name registered at After a massive security breach at Moniker, the domain was likely transferred out to Dynadot as that happened on 10/28/2014, about the time that many domain owners started leaving Moniker! went into privacy protection upon the transfer from Moniker to Dynadot and this can often indicate a sale may have taken place. So there is good potential the sale date was 10/28/2014 but another and even stronger indicator is the domain has now transferred to domain name registrar MarkMonitor, a domain name registrar mainly used by large companies! Reflex has the majority of its domain names with registrar eNom.

My best educated guess is that a pharmaceutical company was behind the purchase and it likely took place in late October 2014. Although Reflex had it listed as “not for sale” in whois, that appears to not have been the case, because they very likely have sold it.

Currently holds the generic whois data of Matt Serlin of MarkMonitor and will likely reveal the buyer at some point in the near future.

Crohn’s and Colitis as well as Ulcerative Colitis are almost always tied together as they all have very similar symptoms but each is a little different. I was diagnosed with early stages of UC and or Crohn’s in late 2012. I have 3 mutated genes that also show this. My father was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in his early 20’s.

UC and Crohn’s are very frustrating! Not because there is no cure, but because it’s ever changing. One day is good, the next is bad! The worst thing for me is FOOD! I’d rather simply not eat, because the disease mainly focuses around food because your immune system sees food as an invading substance. Stress and food are big players in UC and Crohn’s. I pretty much can’t eat much variety as I have a very short list of “safe foods” for me to eat, but sadly one day I can eat one thing and it doesn’t have a negative effect on my body, the next day it does.

How does it affect your body? Poor nutrition is one thing, that effects many other things, but mainly pooping…. I know right, but it’s the truth! like 10-20 times in a day! I rarely do that, but 4, 5, 6, 7 times isn’t out of the question depending on how my body reacts to what I eat, my stress level, acid level in my gut etc. Again, one food is “okay” for me one day, but sadly not necessarily the next day or the day after that. Tired! It’s crazy how tired you can get from pooping! Often times I can be eating a meal, and even before I eat half of the meal, I get a rolling, warm, rumble in my gut and I know now that I have to instantly head to the bathroom, because my meal is ready to come out! Again, sadly for me, it’s unpredictable! It can happen when I’m eating, 20 minutes after I’m done eating, 1 hour after or not at all. How do you go anyplace not knowing if your going to need a bathroom SECONDS from now or not? It’s hard, frustrating and really disabling! It can be hard for me to even drive a mile down the road, because your not sure when that rumble is going to come and I literally have seconds to react.

The car is the worst! I think it’s the fear of the unknown for me. Am I going to need a bathroom in seconds??? Hard to do when you are going any place. Even a mile down the road. I call it motion shitness, not motion sickness! Don’t eat and I should be fine right? No, because my acid levels spike, gas builds up and my stomach literally starts to extend, leading to a lot of instant, knock you to your knees pain! High acid levels and as soon as really any food hits my gut then, it gets pushed right through! Food, no food, I can’t win!

I try to lower stress, but that is hard to do with little money, no job and just everyday life of stuff breaking, raising my son, not being able to get things you wish you could or need and so on. I try to blog on DotWeekly as it releases stress for me because I can think of “other stuff” but it’s also frustrating for me because it makes little $ if any it seems like a waste of time.

So that is a little bit about me and somethings I deal with daily and I’m sorry if I provided TMI. I think it was fitting to see likely selling  and this may explain some things as to why I write a lot sometimes, nothing for sometime and maybe explains some things about me on a more personal level. Hopefully whoever likely purchased will do some good with it, considering all the meds pushed to people with IBS / Colitis / Crohn’s etc. it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a pharmaceutical who purchased it. is a very good resource for IBD / Crohn’s / Colitis.

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3 thoughts on “ Domain Likely Sold

  1. That sucks and its happening to more people every day.

    Yeah I got UC about 6 years ago. Mild. Use Lialda, Vitamin D3, Folic acid, and only eat non-gmo products and cut out 90% of sugars. Never High fructose it is the silent killer imo. Body is not meant to intake corn that is broken down like that. Plus Corn is all gmo bad shit.

    I actually tried to buy one of these names years ago but it looks like the owners like making 50 bucks in ppc instead of doing something real with it. Losers IMO when it hits home for someone they know then they may change their minds one day.

    1. @Donny,
      Currently I am on Asacol HD 800 MG, Hyoscyamine Sulf 0.125, Vitamin D3 5,000 IU, Super K w/ Advanced K2 complex and Lorazepam 1mg. I had my D tested last week and it was 12, so that explains why I have been pretty tired lately and pretty weak feeling.

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