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Here is the latest round of domain movers by DotWeekly that I dig to detect domain name sales, registrations, purchases and simply domain movers for one reason or another by companies.

It’s A Domain Fact! Mattel Inc. owns the domain name, which it redirects to has very likely been sold. The domain name was owned by Catalyst Development Corporation for a very long time but changed ownership on 12/19/2014 to Catalyst Capital Partners LLC / . I have reached out to Michael Stefanik with, the past owner of the domain to see if he can share any details. which was owned by Livingwell Health and Leisure Limited in the UK has changed ownership according to whois records on or about 11/18/2014 to HLT Domestic IP LLC (Hilton Hotels). Hilton owns Livingwell Health Clubs, so the domain didn’t “sell” it just changed whois records for some reason.

Bayer AG has registered the domain name has been registered by Simplot Australia Pty Limited was an included asset when Schroders acquired STW Fixed Income Management. The domain name has transferred out of Network Solutions to CSC Corporate Domains. The deal was announced in December 2012. which I expected to have been acquired by John Hancock, was! has been registered by The Procter & Gamble Company

Disney Enterprises, Inc. has registered the domain name

The Coca-Cola Company which owns the domain name and had the domain registered at CSC Corporate Domains, has transferred the domain to GoDaddy. The domain name is redirecting to (plural) which is a website. has taken the same path! is a website from Coca Cola to bring attention to Bias and Prejudice. They are also using the hashtag #LoveHasNoLabels . Why they transferred the domains, I’m not sure. has been acquired by Viacom International Inc. from . The domain had a listing price of $3,244 and was likely about the sales price. Movie, new TV show?

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