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On June 1, 2015 at 8:23 am Central Time I registered the domain names and in a defensive registration as I explained why I registered the domain names here.

At about 12:00 noon Central Time, the Twitter account @Caitlyn_Jenner went live and news spread of the former Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner.

Around 5 am Central Time that morning I ran into some public information that lead me to believe that there was potential that something was happening with the unknown term at that time “cait jenner” or “caitlyn jenner”. After I did some further research, I was putting things together in my head that Bruce Jenner may be changing names to Caitlyn Jenner. I had no insider information on what was going on.

Since names become brands, it didn’t make sense to me that they (herself, her team etc) wouldn’t register the domain name prior to going public. I had no clue this would be taking place hours later. At around 8 am, after I thought about it for nearly 3 hours, I felt that it would be best to simply register the two domain name and get in contact with him (at the time) and simply offer the domains for free, with the suggestion that it only makes sense to own the matching term as a domain name!

Then things got a bit crazy at noon with the launch of the Twitter account. People started tweeting me because I registered the domains and I wanted to make it very clearly publicly why I registered them, so that is why I wrote the article that I did. It wasn’t my intention to sell the domains or to gain public exposure because of it and I wanted to make that perfectly clear, so people didn’t start assuming.

I worked hard to get a hold of her team for several days and after many attempts I was finally able to get in contact with Rogers And Cowan (her team) and worked with Kristen Benson and Katherine Macpherson to get the domain names transferred to there ownership so they could do as they pleased with them. This officially took place on June 17, 2015.

My first email to Rogers And Cowan went out June 5, 2015 after getting a tip from Owen Frager that Caitlyn was working with them and it took until June 10, 2015 to even get a reply to my email. From that first email, then phone call, it took 5 days to get registrar information and it took 2 days for them to accept the transfer of ownership of the domain names.

Zero money was asked or paid for the domain names. I did not receive a “refund” of money paid for the domain registrations, nor was I asked if I would like that. They thanked me for helping them and after the domain names transferred ownership, I was once again thanked with “We cannot thank you enough for your help.”

One of my main questions was, why didn’t they register the domain names?

I was told by Kristen it became a situation of “too many cooks in the kitchen” and everybody thought that somebody registered the domain names and it simply wasn’t the case.

I strongly felt that somebody was going to register the domain names and basically hold them hostage or do something with them that wouldn’t be nice. I still feel that way today and think I did the right thing in helping somebody out. I help people all the time and this situation was no different. People bashed the hell out of me as you can see in the many comments in my article on why I registered them and it was hurtful when all I was doing was trying to help!

Several things IMO were learned from doing it. Even though a team of experts is hired to handle things, doesn’t always mean that the make sense things are done and done correctly. The domain name should have been registered by the team. Again, IMO, they got lucky that I’m nice and did what I did. It easily could have lead to a long legal fight or an expensive situation to secure the domain names.

Even though I was helping, it was hard for me to find “the team”, even though I am highly skilled in detective type digging. At first, I ended up contacting several “old” managers and assistants before getting help finding the current one used. Even after finding them and I was giving them something they needed, it took 5 days to even get a reply!

Domain Is Being Used

I checked this morning out of the blue to see if the domain is being used and a newly created website on is now live. It has a feel of a new website as not everything is working and not a ton of content is on the domain yet, but it is live and functional and creates an official “brand” and voice for Caitlyn Jenner!

Would I do it again? I’m a bit torn if I would do it again or not. As I stated many times, I help people and it makes me happy to do that. On the other side, this whole thing ended up costing me money and a fair amount of time (and a bit of stress). Helping often does end up costing some money and time, so that needs to be weighed with the pleasure you get from helping others in need. I think if I do it again, I would likely avoid helping out a “celebrity” as I question if “they” really appreciate it. In this case, Rogers And Cowan is likely getting paid a fair sum to manage things and IMO the domain registration was one of those and it didn’t happen. “It’s just a domain name” to some, but the fact is they are very important! That oversight could have cost tens of thousands of dollars, time and even potential future headaches for all parties, legal fees etc.

The end result IMO really worked out to a happy ending, although it took a fair amount of work on my side and a little bit of money. The domains are owned by who they should be and they are being put to use!

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16 thoughts on “ Website Goes Live

  1. Not even offered a refund & he did not extend a personal thanks himself, that’s a shocker. You think a celebrity gives a damn about the guy who went out of his way to do something nice for him? Nope. Handing this over to him was foolish as many people said when you initially wrote about this. Your responsibility is to your family first and at the absolute bottom of the list is being responsible to a celebrity (if that even makes the list). You should have cashed in for whatever you could have on the domain and put that towards family. I’m sure seeing a smile on their face by a surprise gift that selling this domain would have bought is infinitely more rewarding to you then the result you got, am I right?

  2. I think you did the right thing, Jamie.

    That said, it can be an arduous and sometimes futile process – identifying domains, sometimes buying them, tracking down those who ought to own them, and giving them away for free. I’ve lost track of the number of dead ends, blank stares, and even insults.

    I remember 1 case in which I bough the .COM matching a .NET website I admired. After approaching the site owner, expressing my appreciation of his work, and volunteering the .COM as a free gift, he told me that he didn’t want it, refused to take it, and disapproved of cybersquatters like me who buy and sell domains. Ultimately, I let the domain drop.

    That was an extreme case, but not a solitary one. Most of the time, people are more confused than appreciative; and they accept the free domain or tip in less than 20% of cases. Free advice is often judged as worthless because it costs the recipient little or nothing to learn.

    As the years go by, I do strangers domain-related free favors less and less.

  3. Jamie zoch is the kind of idiot that goes on jerry springer and tries to say something / anything to get handclaps from the crowd. but no one cares about this foolish act but him. the real winners are .net .org .tv of caitlynjenner

    1. Hey, Jamie, don’t let it get to you
      when assholes do what assholes do
      and blog trolls like George
      drop by to disgorge
      their bilious noxious point of view.

        1. Monte Python did a sketch once about hunting mosquitos with a bazooka.

          When your adversaries’ idea of a comeback to a limerick is “You’re a girl!”, then it’s clearly not a fair fight! I have too much respect for the mentally handicapped to say anything further.

  4. You did the right thing and you will be REWARDED in life!!

    Good KARMA will come your way soon.

    It is not the monetary reward. it is the REPUTATION that you have already earned which cannot be bought via $$$$

    Because of this good deed, the door to opportunities is wide open.

  5. The fact that Caitlyn is going to accept an award from ESPN, that was going to go to Lauren Hill, a brave pediatric cancer victim, is disturbing at best. Caitlyn and ESPN should see shame in the mirror for such a gesture. Some how, some folks, see more courage in a confused adult, than a child with terminal cancer……..#LaurenHillESPY…………We love you Lauren Hill and your family, we will never forget your courage!!!!!!…….

  6. if u tip a billionaire $10,000…do u think they are going to be happy…HELL NO…they could care less!

    same thing happened here…they could care less about u giving them the domain name for free…

    you should NOT have registered the domain name in the first place…stop sticking your nose where it don’t belong…

    deep inside, u thought u were going to be a HERO…but ended up being a ZERO…

    1. I agree , this was a dumb move. you know he regrets it. that money could have gone to his kids (if he has any) or anything else. I don’t think this guy is rich but look at these millionaire domainers they all have famous celebrity names in their portfolio. and they are not giving them away. this guy thought he was going to be on letterman or kimmel but a last ditch effort pos to keep the story alive on is where it has ended up. ps. GOOD KARMA doesn’t apply here. this was not spontaneous this was planned to attempt to gain attention.

  7. This was the right thing to do, and shows that Jamie has a good heart. Why hate on him? All this “family first” stuff is true of course, but there is also this thing called morals… ever heard about it? I know Jamie has. Good job, agree with Joseph – don’t listen to these trolls.

  8. Jamie you turd I would’ve sold that to the freak show for 25,000

    Think about your family next time.

    The freak show couldn’t give a damn about you mate.

    The good lord created Adam and Eve – not Adam and Steve.

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