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Yesterday I mentioned that I was taking a break from Domain Movers to reconsider things. Thank you to those who expressed that it will be missed and to those mentioning it should continue! Well, here is a bonus Domain Movers that is stacked with valuable information and puts a pulse on corporate domain name transactions. Enjoy and thank you again to the loyal readers of DotWeekly!

Kellwood Company registered several Ab Solution Jeans domain names and the EMD The other registrations were and What I do not understand is the company registered the hyphenated singular version of the term, yet did NOT register which is available for registration currently. That is even the name they relate to on their website.

Ab Soultion Jeans

Face palm to them! I’d much rather have & the plural than the other two useless hyphen versions they registered.

UPM-Kymmene Corporation registered the domain name, adding to the 400 other domain names they own.

Kellogg Company registered the domain name, adding to the 2,000+ domains they own.

The Howard Hughes Corporation is making some play towards One Ten North Wacker and registered and several more relating domains like, and This relates to the $12.3M they spent on the property and is the address of it.

GoDaddy remains busy selling domains out of its NameFind domain name portfolio. Some that they sold include,,, and,, and were all sold. Likely a couple hundred grand in just those few domain name sales!

Think Out Loud Productions LLC has acquired its EMD via domain name aftermarket service Sedo, They were using prior and paid a mere $3,750 for the domain name upgrade. has been acquired at Sedo for $90,000 by Walker Manufacturing Company. They make commercial lawn mowers and used prior. This is how it’s suppose to work folks!

Nordal A/S has acquired its EMD also via Sedo. They paid $6,600 for the domain name.

The Prudential Insurance Company of America registered the domain name adding to the 1,900+ other domains they own. They do not own

Eastman Chemical Company registered and They do not own, but it is for sale.

Eye Specialist Clinic Pte Ltd. was able to acquire after the domain expired and was removed from the registry. It appears to be a hand registration.

Deere & Company registered the domain name has changed ownership according to whois records from Recall Total Information Management to Iron Mountain Incorporated. Iron Mountain acquired the company in May 2016 for about $2B and the domain name was an asset in the sale.

General Motors LLC registered the domain name, something they have been running for several years. Several years as in, at least 11 years, dating back to November 2005 according to an AdAge article!  has been sold into the Chinese market with the transaction going through The domain was owned by Letter Publications prior.

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  1. Jamie, you are a great writer and I always love to read your Domain Movers updates.
    Please keep writing if possible as your efforts are highly appreciated.
    On a further note, double fail for Kellwood Company as got registered yestrday.

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