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Welcome DotWeekly lovers to another exclusive series of domain movers where I scour the web to find domain names moving by large companies who are purchasing domains, selling them, moving them for one reason or another and more! These are early insights as always and these movements may not have been reported otherwise! Some powerful domains in today’s list!

It’s A Domain Fact! is the only and are the only single letter domain names registered at Network Solutions. owns the domain and is owned by Foundation. (i missed the domain and Peter T kindly squashed my fact that was the only single letter domain at nsi) a domain name which was owned by Lightbridge in 2002, acquired LLC in 2004 and the domain changed ownership to Authorize.Net LLC for a pretty long time dating all the way from 6/20/2007 riding on the domain name servers NS1.LAMEDELEGATION.NET to 3/21/2015. Visa acquired for $2 Billion in 2010 and now has decided to use the domain name in some fashion, as they changed DNS to an in-house domain name server and are redirecting to That alone is better than what the domain was doing prior but maybe they have some better plans for it beyond the redirect. which is a brand of Comcast, has decided to remove the stand alone website that was on and its 13,600 indexed pages in Google for the domain and redirect it simply to itself redirects to but many different links will bring you to other locations and sites. I clicked one of the indexed pages in Google for and it brought me to the URL:

I visited a second time, and that time it redirected me to:

I tried in a different browser and it redirected me to: AND THEN without me doing anything.

Seems messed up if you ask me, a bit odd really. Since the change off of using the domain as a stand alone, it appears the “main” location for the brand is something you do not want… was owned by Johnson & Johnson but has transferred to Crimson International Assets LLC and under the registrant email address [email protected] which is a law firm but has retained the Johnson & Johnson name servers. The domain does not resolve. It is hard to say what is up with the domain with this kind of “change” to whois. J&J may still own the domain, it may have sold as an asset with a part of J&J’s business it sold to another company etc. has been acquired by Tribune Media Company from

Amazon Technologies has registered the domain names and They also registered has been sold by Spil Games Intangibles B.V. The transaction likely took place about 2/25/2014 when the domain transferred to and name servers switched to The domain did sell in 2008 for $5,600 on Sedo but I’m not sure what it sold for this time. Very likely five figures, if not higher. has been acquired by Country Financial. The domain was owned by Dan Brown and was using when CSC Corporate Domains assisted in the purchase. has been acquired by Flip to LLC who owns the domain The domain had a listing price of $62,500 helps hotels boost brand awareness and earn new guests with the help of their most trusted, untapped marketing juggernaut- their guests! Clearly a domain upgrade for the company!

I’m not a fan of “to” domains, simply because of To, Too, Two, 2 etc… You have to own them all to cover bases! has been changed registrants from Autocue, Inc. to Vitec Group according to whois. Autocue is a brand of Vitec so the domain didn’t “sell”. Autocue QTV Teleprompters is what they offer. The domain moved to SafeNames. redirects to and the Teleprompter page.

Kortmann GmbH & Co.KG has acquired the domain name which was owned by Vertical Axis from what I can tell. The domain was registered in 2002 and had a listing on Sedo but was also listed on

Google Inc. has registered the domain name will likely be changing ownership shortly from The Dow Chemical Company / Angus Chemical company. It was announced on 2/15/2015 that a private equity firm, Golden Gate Capital and investment funds managed by GGC have acquired Angus Chemical Company for $1.215 Billion. is an old one, being registered since August 1992.

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