Amazon Local Register Launched, Domain Secured Today has announced a new product / service today and it’s a Square / Paypal Local competitor. Local Register is the name given to the product which first appeared on Amazon’s website yesterday (8/12/2014).


Amazon appears to have secured the exact matching domain name in the nick of time, as it appears they acquired the domain name Today (8/13/2014) which now shows Amazon as the owners and is the most recent update. The domain has been registered since 2002 and was listed at Sedo, but that listing still remains. *there is potential that the domain may have been secured earlier due to some activity in whois history, but also interesting as it appears Com Lade was used likely to help secure the domain as it was transferred in from GoDaddy. Amazon has always used MarkMonitor in the past that I can see but I’m not sure if MarkMonitor and Com Lade are connected.

Sedo handled the domain name transaction, which totaled $10,000 for the domain itself.

Yesterday, Amazon registered several domain names relating to the product, which they often do prior to launch (via MarkMonitor)., . To further tip off what they were doing, they registered . and the likely biggest tip, were all registered yesterday. Amazon registered A LOT of domains yesterday with most including:

I may have missed a couple but that is the vast majority of domains Amazon registered related to the card reader product.

In general, Amazon always does a good job at acquiring the exact match domain to a product or service they have or offer. Another example of this is with the recently launched Fire Phone and the domain. They almost always use a sub-domain for the product / service and will forward the EMD to the sub-domain.

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3 thoughts on “Amazon Local Register Launched, Domain Secured Today

  1. We sold them the platform over 12 months ago after 7 years of development. They are going to crush it as they have with scale, speed and everything that makes amazon, amazon. It helped put our Contrib, Domain Holdings and Global Ventures companies into a great position with future integration of our customers using the currency movement system. They will eventually integrate across all platforms quickly starting with Gotta love competition, makes our world great

  2. to amazon was a great transaction for our team at Domain Holdings and Global Ventures. We are glad we can finally analyze this transaction and show others how key your url asset is and the potential technology and busines models still to come for the domain channel.. Check out Contrib or BidTellect, two other up and coming platforms in good hands with big announcement soon.

    1. Congrats on the sale Chad! I suspected they may have made the purchase around 5/21/2013 and 6/2013 due to whois record changes but the only change was registrar and back to privacy until today when the domain moved to ComLaude and revealed Amazon.

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