Abbvie Pharmaceuticals Has Domain Seized By ICE


Abbvie Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of the medication brand name Vicodin has had its main brand name domain name seized by Homeland Security’s ICE division!

Visiting the domain name displays a take down message from Homeland Security’s ICE division:

Abbott Laboratories spun off Abbvie pharmaceuticals in 2013, but has long owned the domain name since at least 2007 and uses the website to provide information about its product. Whois records show Abbvie owns the domain name: whois records

This is unprecedented! A public company that manufactures a medication, has its main product brand website seized by ICE! ICE takes over DNS and changes the Name Servers to and and likely does this via court order through either the registrar (MarkMonitor) or Verisign, the registry for .com domain names.

I would have to assume this was a mistake and ICE was doing some kind of mission, cracking down on fake Vicodin/narcotics/medicine related websites and seizing domains related to that, not shutting down a public companies real brand website!

Digging a little bit further, based on my research, it appears ICE took down about 838 domain names yesterday (3/16/2017) or very early today (3/17/2017) and all appear to be medicine related. was one of those 838! It may take me a day to get the full list of all 838 domains that were seized by ICE, but I’m further convinced ICE did this by mistake and likely intended to take down a variation of “” and took down the real thing.

Update: Here is the full list of the 838 seized domains by ICE:

In general, there are about 143 actively registered domain names that simply start with Vicodin and 49 that end with Vicodin. Interestingly, a domain name like, an example of one of those actively registered domains, is NOT one seized by ICE, nor is it owned by the brand owner Abbvie.

If my memory servers me correctly, this wouldn’t be the first time ICE has seized and taken down a website by mistake.

This is what’s website looked like prior to being seized by ICE:

Vicodin Website

I have reached out to Abbvie for comment and will update when I hear back.

Update: As of about 4:15 Central Time on March 17, 2017, it appears Abbvie has regained control of DNS on its domain name from ICE and the Name Servers are starting to resolve back after the seizure of the domain name. This quick return of the domain likely reflects my earlier feeling that the domain name was seized by mistake by Homeland Security and the potential that Abbvie may have had ICE on speed dial or the high powered legal team for Abbvie did some quick work.

How costly was this mistake to Abbvie? What did ICE learn from its mistake?

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7 thoughts on “Abbvie Pharmaceuticals Has Domain Seized By ICE

  1. They took a legitimate domain for me one time about 7 years ago. What can I do other than protest?

    ICE applies absolutely zero due process and is anti-American as it comes. They totally violate the Constitution by seizing assets without due process. Shame on them and shame on America for allowing it to happen!

    The United States is getting less and less free every year.

  2. I think that this ties into the same vein as civil forfeiture in that the United States is allowing law enforcement to steal assets of people with no due process of the court system. The same people that are supposed to be protecting us are stealing from innocent Americans now. Why? Because they live money and have no morals or ethics.

    Just go read about civil forfeiture and you’ll be disgusted.

  3. Hard to imagine this overzealous action isn’t an indirect result of ICE being urged on by the new administration. Not to seize domains per se but to behave recklessly and immoderately in general. After all, this is the Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency acting in the midst of widespread anti-immigration fervor. There may be an attitude of, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!”

  4. Why the phobia about spelling out all acronyms ICE in the first instance) in the first instance, as journalists routinely do, and which is also just common courtesy to the reader. Is it Internet Criminal Enterprise. Is it illegal ice cream. Is it International Criminal Extravaganza.

    Why not just indicate what it stands for and have done with it.

  5. I’m sure Abbvie was able to get the name back so quickly because they are a major and powerful entity that could get a conversation with ICE. I would imagine poor schmucks like the rest of us would simply be ignored if we protested.

  6. I don’t know why ICE has seized many helpful websites domains like Pharmacyreviewer dot com ,, This community has been online since 2007 providing advices to people to get their products. I can’t understand this shitty ICE as by this seizing practice , more and more websites will be registered every minute like what happened after taking popular torrent websites.

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