45 .com Domains Renewed For $119

I have been extremely tight on money and I have been dropping domain names like flies… but I needed to come up with away to save at least some domains and be able to renew some on the cheap! So what did I do?

It cost about $9 per domain to renew at GoDaddy

It cost about $9.40 to renew a .com domain at Moniker

Well, I have a bunch of domain names with Moniker and to renew 45 of them @ $9.40 each would cost me $423! I don’t have that much $ but if there is a will there is a way to keep them and spend about 1/4 of the normal cost!

How did I do it?

Hello coupon codes! GoDaddy to the rescue! A little help from the domain community, via NamePros.com and the ever popular GoDaddy Discount Codes page!

GoDaddy gives out a lot of coupon codes and they seem to last from a couple days to several months. So I just started digging the forum coupon page and started grabbing $1.99 codes until I couldn’t find any more that worked! I switched to $2.49, $2.59 and $2.99 codes!

It took me yesterday and today to complete the process and several hours… but I was able to dig up 45 working GoDaddy coupon codes in the range from $1.99-$2.99 that worked for domain transfer!

I transferred 45 domain names from Moniker to GoDaddy using the coupon codes, never exceeding $3.13 (with ICANN fees). The average ended up being $2.64 per domain to “renew” the 45 domains for 1 year! I renewed the domains by simply transferring them from the Moniker registrar to GoDaddy’s registrar! One at a time… as the coupon codes only work for one domain! Work and time, yesssss, money saving? YES!

How much did I save?

$304! Instead of just keep paying the $9.40 to renew my domain at Moniker,  GoDaddy transfer was the answer for me to save the $304 and accomplish “renewing” 45 domains for a grand total of $119!

Did it take me some time to dig up the codes, follow the checkout process for 45 domains? Heck yeah, but in the end, I accomplished renewing the domains I needed to and saved $304 in the process! Yes it is “easier” to just keep clicking the “Renew Now” button but taking a little time and thinking saved me $$$ and allowed me to keep 45 domains longer than I would have!

Yes this was a 365 day fix and I wouldn’t be able to do it for these 45 domains “next year” but it buys me time to sell some and use a later coupon code to help save $ with next years renewals!

I hope this helps you in some way and makes you think about simply clicking the Renew Now button and paying about $10 to renew your domains at other domain registrars other than GoDaddy! If they are going to take a loss to earn your business, why not take advantage of it! They are a good registrar and I had $304 reasons to do it!

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10 thoughts on “45 .com Domains Renewed For $119

    1. @Tim,
      Yes the domains get an extra year added on when you transfer in. That is why I used the transfer as away to “renew”.

  1. This is one of the reasons I moved all my domains to GoDaddy. I have enough there to get an account exec. I can call and get a person anytime. I don’t understand why there’s so much GoDaddy bashing. Compared to the rest, I’ve done well with them.

    1. @Adam,
      I agree with you 100% ! I do think just having them with Godaddy does help you sell (if you list them for sale)

  2. Godaddy has always been great for me too, doing your switch was a great way to save for 1 year. Hopefully next year Godaddy will have some good renewal codes.

    1. GoDaddy will never have renewal codes under $8 something. If other registrars only have transfer codes at $8 something no one will ever transfer away from GD. They’ve got you locked in after that first cheap year so they’ll milk it for all they can. GD’s not stupid. It’s just that their competition is.

  3. Yes, anybody who’s smart and wants to save a lot of money will transfer all of their domains from other registrars to GoDaddy using the $1/$2/$3 transfer promo codes. What if everyone was smart and did this? If everyone was acting logically GoDaddy would have 100% market share! It’s just that a lot of domain owners aren’t smart enough to realize the golden opportunity to save a lot of money on their domains.

    Once you transfer all your domains to GD you’re captive there. Yes, most of their services are better than the others except for things like not allowing you to use PayPal with promo codes. But it makes no sense to ever transfer a domain away from GoDaddy.

    My beef is why don’t any others off transfer discounts ANYWHERE NEAR as low as GoDaddy does. You shouldn’t be held captive there. The other registrars are not even trying to compete. They see how they can lure GoDaddy’s customers away with transfer offers and get more business but they’re just complacent and lazy. There is no TRUE competition in the industry. It’s a facade.

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