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According to whois records, FSBO service Fizber has acquired the premium domain name Sold.com from real estate marketplace Ten-X.

Based on whois records, Ten-X, LLC owned the domain name Sold.com as late as December 10, 2017. Today, I detected a change of registrant to The Sold Company and the domain name is now redirecting to Fizber.com.

Sold.com Whois Record

Ten-X was formally Auction.com and rebranded in January 2016 to widen the offering of the real estate company. Ten-X went under new ownership in … Read the rest

REDC acquired the ultra premium domain name Auction.com in 2009 for $1.7 Million and it really helped the real estate company from its past brand and web address USHomeAuction.com!

Fast forward now several years and according to several articles, the business name Auction.com has became limiting to them and it was time for a change via a rebranding.

The company Auction.com is now: Ten-X

Ten-X Real Estate

On the surface, going from Auction.com to Ten-X doesn’t seem to be any kind of … Read the rest