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DropAlert.com is a unique, real time auction tool that I came up with and worked with Jason Cupp to bring it to a reality. What makes the service unique is it works as an “all in one” radar type system for expired domain name auctions on GoDaddy.

I always thought due to the volume of auctions ending at GoDaddy, it was really hard to keep up with the activity and felt I was often missing many auctions due to focusing … Read the rest

I’d like to start writing some stuff than my domain movers series but that series takes up the vast majority of my time, so I fail to have the energy to write other stuff… and I would love to write all day really but it is what it is. So anyway, here are some random things that I’m thinking and I hope some of my thoughts will help you in some way!

Free Domain Name Server “Spy” Tool

Domainers love … Read the rest

Here is something that I found pretty interesting while digging around this morning. I had noticed the domain name Anchor.org, which very likely sold at BuyDomains.com and has transferred to a new owner. I wasn’t able to find a sales price btw, but while doing the research on the domain, I ran into something that was surprising to me.

When I did a whois search at DomainTools for Anchor.org, the domain did NOT have Privacy on it? Whois Privacy … Read the rest

Learn from those who are successful! Makes darn good sense to me and I’m sure makes sense to you. Well, here is a tip on spying on the big boys to see what they are doing.

Lets take a large domain name company like BuyDomains/Afternic aka NameMedia. I’m sure they have a lot of smart people working for them. Me, well, it’s just me! I’m also sure they have a lot of data I do not have, which greatly helps … Read the rest