DotWeekly was a vibrant site with thousands of visitors daily and was completely lost during a hosting change in late 2012. After doing some thinking and simply taking a little time off, I have felt the need to start sharing again!

In the coming weeks I will be rebuilding to the look and feel like the site was in the past. This will all take some time as little things all take time to get into place but I … Read the rest

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with SOPA!

Today, I was doing some investigating and ran into something that I haven’t seen yet. “Repossessed by Go Daddy” in the whois data for a domain name? After doing a bit more digging, I ran into some domain names that contained Go Daddy Software but used the email address “”.

Personally, I never like when a business has a conflict of interest with its customers and I hoped this wasn’t the … Read the rest

The following is a story of a domain name sale and the anatomy of how an $800 offer turned into a $20,000 sale. I assisted the seller in a couple ways, which will be explained below but there are several lessons to be learned here. Here we go with a Q&A style article and I will also add in some tid bits at the end as well. Enjoy, as this story has been in the works for sometime now and … Read the rest

This is part 1 of a full story I will be posting in the coming days but I thought I would share one important aspect of the story. How to avoid a vital mistake when attempting to purchase a domain name that is already owned by somebody.

Often times when you are interested in a specific domain name, it likely will be owned by somebody already. This is OK as most things in life are for sale, at the right … Read the rest