Have you been watching a domain names expire date that is registered with the domain name registrar Godaddy.com and hoping it will expire? Maybe you wonder what happens to a domain name when it expires at Godaddy.com? In this post I will provide all the details you need to know and understand about expired domain names registered with the domain name registrar Godaddy.com .

Godaddy has an in-house domain name auction service and all of it’s expired domain names end … Read the rest

The expired domain name process is pretty interesting. The basics of the process are pretty simple: You own a domain name and without paying the renewal after owning it for a year (or however long you paid registration), the domain name expires. The process after it expires is where it gets hairy scary!

Since every domain name registrar is different, the TOS is likely the best place to read what will happen to your domain name. If you do read … Read the rest

This is a constructive Criticism article. Take it for what  you wish as people have different means of skills on web development and budgets, but some people pay for development and the sites built lack some of the very basic SEO things that can Greatly help increase your website traffic and ability for people to find you and your site!

Meta Tags. Often not used by developers for whatever reason…! For the not so tech savvy people, meta tags … Read the rest

I have said many times that 3 of the easiest things for a website owner to gain traffic to your site and help with search engine rank placement are Title, Meta and URL.

In this post I am going to focus on Meta Tags. Before writing this, I was thinking that maybe many site owners simply do not even know what a meta tag is and why or where it’s placed or important. Well, the basics… it’s the description people … Read the rest

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