On August 12 ,2014 I detected some activity relating to Wonderful.com and that it potentially may have sold. Based on past whois history there could have been a lot of things happening with the domain name, but now I can confirm that Wonderful.com DID sell and I just discovered who the buyers were: POM Wonderful and Roll Global

POM Wonderful

Although the current domain name whois information is still “generic” and displays “MarkMonitor” and DNStination Inc. the domain name servers have been … Read the rest

Two very nice 4 letter generic domain names are now off the market! Drip.com has been sold by Bryan Graves / NameZoom. Bryan has owned Drip.com since about October 3, 2007 according to whois records. Currently, it is unknown who the buyers of Drip.com are, but the domain has been transferred into SafeNames, which is a pretty popular brand protection registrar used by several large companies.

I did check trademarks for the term “drip” and there have been two filed … Read the rest

Sometime last week I was researching a domain name and according to DomainTools whois, the domain was listed for sale via “source 6” which in turn is GoDaddy. I stopped in at Bob’s old home to see what the domain was listed for and see the action.  The following is what was displayed:


Clearly I typed AirWriter.com in the search box, so why the domain is listed on the bottom of the page and not a “Best Match” on … Read the rest

Here is another list of detected domain movers by large companies, in a series I call DotWeekly Discoveries which is powered by DomainIQ.com . Nice mix today of sold / registered domains and as always with some digging data that I discovered as well.


A currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client had CSC purchase the domain name ForwardFarming.com from DomainMarket.com . I did find a listing for $1,000 so that may have been around
the selling price.

BreakZone.com also … Read the rest

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