is included in the title of this story, because they do “Quality Adjustment” to domain name parking revenue. Google also does adjustments to “final earnings” for adsense, but on a daily basis from what I have seen. SmartName does it on a monthly basis. I’m sure a lot of companies do it in some fashion.

So what the hell is this “Quality Adjustment”? No fucking clue… other than on digital paper, these bastards are stealing my money! Mr CEO … Read the rest

MOVE over you domain lovers! Here is the movers addition of domain movers! Sounded good, but today isn’t the most exciting list I have discovered but that stuff happens when the weekend comes around, but there are still some nice domains in the list that were purchased recently and likely wouldn’t have been reported other wise. I’m not a reporter, I just happen to love domain names and I write about things that I see in case you may be … Read the rest

Back in September 2014 I wrote a little article with the title: The Million Dollar Available Domain Name

Well, I was doing some searching for somebody one day and I happened to type the two letter domain name into’s whois. The domain name was showing as “Available”. I wasn’t sure what was going on and I wrote about it.

“Mike” posted a comment stating that the domain name was deleted from the registry and any two letter .com … Read the rest

Yesterday (1/16/2015) was the first time I even heard that was even for sale and it was also the first time I heard it had sold, with Monday being the day the new owners will be officially announced… Well, part of the fun is guessing who the new buyers are prior, so here is my guess!

TurnCommerce Inc. aka the Reberry Brothers, aka HugeDomains, aka, aka etc.

They already own, which is basically the same thing … Read the rest

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