I ran into something interesting this morning while digging around. According to whois records, Google Inc. has just taken ownership of the domain name WriteOnGlass.com . Big deal right?

Well, the past owner of the domain name is where things get interesting. Border Stylo, LLC owned the domain name and they also are the company that opposed Google’s trademark filing for “glass” back in April 2014.


Border Stylo, which develops communication platforms, browser add–ins and mobile apps to add a human element to the internet experience according to CrunchBase.com  seems to be disappearing from the web?

The Facebook page for Border Stylo (Facebook.com/borderstylo) now simply redirects to Facebook.com .

The Twitter account Twitter.com/borderstylo which had over 400+ tweets, suddenly “hasn’t tweeted yet”


So did Google buy Border Stylo is the question? The findings above would point in that direction!

Border is/was pretty heavily funded with about $27 Million.

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