This morning I mentioned that Google may be naming a new watch Tacto… but Fusion, Altos and Pillar may also be in the mix… BUT during some more digging, I discovered that Google now owns the premium, category killer domain name and which they have just revealed via whois.

Google appears to have acquired the domain with-in the purchase of WIMM Labs or used the WIMM Labs name to acquire the domain on or about Late February 2012 or early March 2012.


Google also used WIMM Labs to purchase the domain name on May 8, 2012 from the past owner who had the domain listed / parked with Afternic.

Google transferred in about 40+ domain names total yesterday relating to watches, most were likely tied with the WIMM Labs purchase or the WIMM name was used after Google purchased it to acquire the domains. Those domains include:

I think one thing is pretty clear, Google is launching a new smartwatch and the name is likely in this list!

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  1. All that smartwatch activity should be good for my I have them in the plurals and inverses as well. Thanks for the story, we all benefit from your research.

  2. Maybe Rick S will be getting the call about, 7 figures all the way no less.

  3. Glad that I recently got into domain investing by purchasing domains in this category!!! My first 5 domains after getting serious, were literaly in the Smartwatch niche.
    Here they are:

    Any feedback would be amazing. I have not listed them for sale, as they are still under 60 days and listed at Google Domains, which doesn’t have a push feature yet.

  4. TheDomains announced Google purchased WINN, including its premium,

    Google Buys Smart Watch Maker WIMM & Gets Category Killer Along With

  5. Everything is turning smart these days – Smart TVs, Smart Refrigerators, and now Smart Watches…. entire category of electronic products can be a good grab. Ain’t it?


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