Back in August I had discovered that Twitter Inc. had purchased the domain name via an expired drop domain name auction via NameJet and paid $2,551 for the domain. Also stated in my article, Twitter filed a trademark for the Dronie term 4 days after the Twitter Dronie took place at Cannes Lions.

Well, Twitter is very likely ready to launch the Dronie project and reveal what they will do with it. It may have something to do with advertising, because they do link to on the official Dronie page on Twitter but clearly they could do a lot of things with it. They have set domain servers for the domain, which often means the new site / service will launch very soon. They have also revealed via whois that they are the owners of the domain name, which they did not back during my August story and only did so yesterday (10/10/14).


Twitter is using the username Dronie via Twitter itself but hasn’t announced anything about “” on it yet.

Drones are interesting and I think are going to become extremely useful tools in the near future. Selfies are also big and not likely to go away anytime soon, so using a drone as a selfie taker is interesting, but how Twitter is going to combine the two is something we will soon find out.

I would expect something official from Twitter maybe next week on Dronie with the recent actions they have taken, so we will see.

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3 Responses to By Twitter Getting Ready For Launch
  1. Hope dronies get hot. We own some premium dronie domains and would be glad to help you and other domain investors market dronie or selfie related domains.

  2. So now that Twitter has this domain and plans to build a site on it, how much would you value the domain now?

    • @Mark,

      They paid more for it than I would have in the expired domain auction. It currently isn’t any more valuable now then it was before they purchased it IMO.


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