Welcome to another round of domain name movers presented by DotWeekly where I dig around and find domain names that purchased, sold and simply moving for one reason or another by large companies. These are often early discoveries and the first time the announced publicly in some fashion. Here we go:

CarbControl.com has been purchased by Abbott Laboratories with the help of MarkMonitors NameAdvisors. CarbControl.com was owned by a Nelson Morales since at least early 2008 until the domain went into privacy protection on 7/9/2014, it came out of privacy on 10/17/2014 unders the name Jason Drake with a gmail address of jdrake@gmail.com . Jason appears to be a domain broker / reseller based on a Google search. By 11/4/2014, the domain switches to NameAdvisors using the admin@nameadvisers.com email address. The domain remains at GoDaddy until it transfers to MarkMonitor on 1/31/2015 and displays Abbott as the owners.

The whois switch to privacy on 7/9/2014 likely indicates some kind of sale. I’m not sure how Jason got involved (he either purchased it directly from Nelson, or he could have been hired by Nelson to broker the domain). DNS did change to DomainNameSales.com when the domain went into privacy protection and DNS changed again on 10/18/2014 to the standard domaincontrol.com . The next change was on 11/4/2014 when it went to NameAdvisers as the owners. I’m never a big fan of multiple whois changes prior to a domain going into the hands of an end user, as it often leads to some head scratching using whois data only. (I often reach out to people but rarely hear back, so I basically stopped trying to get in contact with the parties) It makes you question a couple things.. is Jason connected to NameAdvisers? Did Jason know something others didn’t? Why the short time in privacy (and dns change during that time) prior to the several ownership changes etc. I’m not pointing any fingers, I’m just saying it’s a little odd to see all the changes.

RethinkHomemade.com was registered by the bread company Panera, LLC

VeryBadKids.com was registered by Mondelez International, Inc.

JPG.com which is owned by Accusoft had some odd activity on the domain IMO recently. It was transferred out of Moniker.com on or about 11/19/2014 to Joker.com with the name “domanium owner” and holding an email address of info@domanium.com . This remained this way until 1/29/2015 when DNS changed and then the domain transferred back to Moniker with whois information being totally blank but dns was changed back to dynect.net hosting and redirecting to Accusoft.com’s website. A sale go bad? Stolen? Hard to say but something happened to it that seems a bit odd to me.

Google registered the domain name GmailGroup.com

Home Box Office Inc. (HBO) registered the domain name GrandmalProductions.com

JPMorgan Chase & Co. has revealed they were behind two domain name registrations that took place back on 2/2013 with SoYouCanNot.com and SoYouCant.com . They also registered the .net, .org and .info of each. The domains held the DNStination, Inc. information in whois since being registered in 2013 and now display JPMorgan Chase and also DNS has been set for both. The domains currently do not yet resolve, but I would expect them to shortly.

PeriodCalendar.com has been purchased by The Procter & Gamble Company to add to its 10,400+ domain portfolio. The domain was under privacy protection and registered with Fabulous.com but it appears the transaction took place at Afternic, as whois changed to Afternic Escrow on 1/9/2015. Whois remained that way until 1/28/2015 when a generic CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. whois record appeared and now P&G has been displayed. The domain has been registered since 2005.

SippyCups.com which was owned by Playtex Products LLC and I mentioned in this article here has been sold on Sedo for $3,800. This actually appears to maybe the 2nd time it has sold recently? At least according to whois records, as it appears to have changed ownership on 12/31/2014 when the domain transferred to Name.com under whois privacy. Sedo is reporting the sale now 2/1/2015, so there is the potential the deal took from New Years Eve until now to close.

I had also noticed that Playtex sold the domain name BabyBottles.com recently as mentioned in this article dated 1/15/2015. Why Playtex is selling off generic, exact match domains to products they produce not only seems crazy to me, but simply defies what owning these domain names is all about.

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Jamie Zoch is a domain investor, dad and dedicated husband who founded DotWeekly.com in 2008 to bring unique and helpful views on domain names. Jamie is very passionate about domain names and helping others learn and prosper.

8 Responses to Domain Movers: SippyCups.com, CarbControl.com & More
  1. The sippycup sale was being sold off by DNSTATION or something, I purchased some domains from them also they were selling on behalf of 3M. BabyBottles was also for sale as well, more pricey though. There were a few good deals that got thru there, many of the names were nicely aged.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog You either started blogging recently or I’ve never seen your blog. At least not on namebee.

    • Thanks for stopping in Justin! I have been blogging since 2008. I lost my entire database a couple years ago, so I had to start the site over from scratch, so I would get frustrated and stop blogging for awhile. I would get sick and stop blogging, have a hard time making ends meet blogging etc. so maybe that is why you missed the site.

  3. You shouldn’t stop. You got talent. You seem to get a gut feeling about something and follow it. It shows in your topics you write about. I admire your sense of intuition.

    • @Justin,
      It’s hard to put your heart and soul into something and all the effort for free. The affiliate ads on DotWeekly often makes me less than $5 a day, often less even. So it’s hard to even afford hosting fees, let alone being able to pay bills and feed my family. 😉

  4. I bought carbcontrol.com on godaddy auctions for $100. See http://imgur.com/8Gx00p4


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