Welcome to Domain Movers! We keep track of corporate domain name transactions and report these early findings to you.

These domain names often reflect new brands, domain name upgrades and future advertising efforts. Here is a small sampling of these domain movers over the past 24 hours:

Anheuser-Busch, LLC registered the domain name NattyRush.com, adding to the 1,900+ other domains they currently own. A little back information on this one. Anheuser-Bush filed a trademark for Natty Rush on June 27, 2017 for a “Flavored brewed malt beverage”. On August 8th and 9th 2017 word started rolling out that Natty Rush was launching in the fall on several websites. August 15, 2017 Anheuser-Bush registers the domain name. Tip, if the domain is available, register it prior to filing a trademark / publicly announcing or it may be much harder and expensive to acquire it other wise!

Also to note, Anheuser-Bush also owns Natty.com, a term often used for the Natural Light brand and it’s marketing…. yet the domain isn’t used in any fashion. They use terms like “Natty Life”, “Natty Shack” and “Natty Time”.

Movaci Technology has acquired SpeedTheSeed.com from Tucows, Inc. for an undisclosed amount.

Artnight GmbH has acquired its EMD (exact match domain) Artnight.com at domain name aftermarket service Sedo. The domain has been registered since 2000.

AirGlance.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The transaction took place at Afternic.com.

Just for reference, 16 domain names moved into escrow at Afternic and 6 completed and moved out. So 22 movements in a day, which is pretty close to average in general for Afternic. There are likely more, as the tools I use may miss a few of the changes. Since I focus on “company” domain purchases, I do not include the other movements in this series. Most are purchased by individuals, and would require a lot of research to pin down that person, to identify the company they own or may work for. An example would be, TheFurnitureStore.com which sold via Afternic for around $9,500 but moved into whois privacy and the website doesn’t resolve. I have no current idea who the buyer may be. The domain sold, I just can’t tag it currently to a company.

Old Navy LLC / Gap registered the domain OldNavyOutfitBox.com. Under the Baby Gap brand, the company launched a subscription “OutfitBox” offer using the domain BabyGapOutfitBox.com (registered in March 2017) which was actually registered by OceanX.com, which is a subscription commerce platform service for brands. Based on the Old Navy domain registration, things must be going good with the Baby Gap OutfitBox and they are expanding things to the Old Navy brand.

OutfitBox is a brand in itself IMO! Using sub-domains, the company can easily set up shop for each brand using sub-domains and create one brand under the OutfitBox brand name. OldNavy.OutfitBox.com or BabyGap.OutfitBox.com etc. The customer would land on OutfitBox.com and select based on logo for what they are interested in etc…. OutfitBox.com is currently not owned by the company, nor any current trademarks are filed. The domain is for sale, for only $2,500 buy now at Sedo.

Square, Inc. has acquired SquareSolutions.com from its past owners for an undisclosed amount. The domain has been registered since 2004.

CFA Institute has acquired CFA.net. The company currently uses CFAInstitute.org as its main domain name.

Shoc.com has moved out of Escrow.com and was acquired by SHOC, an acronym for Sports Helmets Optical Conversions. The company sells the plastic visors that attach to football and lacrosse helmets. This domain is an upgrade for the company, which was using ShocVisor.com prior but focuses on the SHOC brand name. The domain moved into Escrow in April 2017 and likely was paid for over the last 4 months. The only downside, Shoc “sounds like” shock, so technically speaking, Shock.com would be a wise “brand cover” domain to own.

J. Crew International, Inc. registered the domain name BrandwellCollective.com

Roku, Inc. registered the domain name RAVM.net. The domain RAVM.com is currently for sale via Sedo for $1,545 ($1,200 GBP)

Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC registered PhiladelphiaGoldLoaf.com, adding to the 1,900 plus other domain names owned by the company.

IPB.com (ipb) sold at Sedo for $36,600, which seems like a pretty good deal to me. Advantage Business Media, LLC were the sellers, with the buyer being Leonard Bosh Jr.

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  1. Have a feeling Square just snapped up SquareFinancial.com as well – in afternic escrow currently


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