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Here are the latest movers over the past 24 hours.

BeamCast.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain was for sale using Uniregistry and has been registered since 2003.

EnteroMedics Inc. has acquired vBlock.com at domain name aftermarket service Sedo for an undisclosed amount.

Money Guru LTD. has acquired its EMD, MoneyGuru.com. The domain name was being brokered by eNaming in late 2015 and likely sold around December 3, 2015. The domain just came out of whois privacy and out of Escrow.com whois information displaying Money Guru LTD. This domain was likely paid via payments.

Johnson Controls Technology Company registered the domain name SmarterEquipment.com, a domain that I was surprised was available for registration. It was registered prior but expired in 2013 and hasn’t been registered since that time frame.

BlockRocker.com has been acquired by inMusic Brands Inc. and appears to have been acquired for only $449, which was the buy now price on Sedo.

Google, which acquired gSuite.com around January 23, 2017 after rebranding Google Apps as gSuite, as began redirecting the domain name to Google.com. That is a bit odd to me, since the domain is for a specific offering.

Danfoss A/S has acquired YourSupplyChain.com from BuyDomains.com.

OV.com has sold and was owned by GoDaddy’s NameFind division. It is still early in the transaction, with only name servers changing currently, but it has been a common trend with most 2 letter .com domain name sales heading to China.

GoDaddy also sold some other nice domain names, which included ExpressFreight.com which was purchased by Express Freight Management, HomeRoofing.com, Dram.com and many more.

CoinGeek.com has been acquired by a currently unknown SafeNames client. The domain was under privacy at Uniregistry and using Efty at the time of the sale.

Hilton International Holding LLC registered BringItHotels.com, BringItToHilton.com, BringItVideos.com, BringItCommericial.com and BringItCampaign.com highlighting what they are planning to do. Do they own the powerful, catchy domain name BringIt.com? Based on whois records, they do not! It’s owned by WL Sports.

Mattel-Mega Holdings US, LLC registered AmericasPencil.com, adding to the 4,800+ other domain names they own.

Amazon Technologies is making a pretty big play on the term Chaunkpur.com and ChaunkpurCheetah.com registering many variations of the term. Chonkpur Cheetah and Chownkpur Cheetah were other spelling variations.

Ford Motor Company, allows Ford.tv to expire and the domain was removed from the registry. Ford spends a lot of money on content for tv, so certainly this make sense domain name could have been used for some kind of Ford Tv branded content. Ford has owned the domain since at least 2007 and likely since its creation on January 18, 2006.

Visiting Ford.tv directly states the domain name is “available” to register and is considered a Premium .tv domain by the registry. I selected domain registrar Dynadot, which shows registration for Ford.tv is $1,092.50 to purchase the domain currently. The high renewal may have played a roll in the domain deleting.

Oldr.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client under the generic DNStination Inc. whois information. The domain was owned by PrimeWebNames.com prior

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  1. Per NameBio.com, COINGEEK.COM last sold for $7,910 on 2017-03-10 at Sedo


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