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Welcome to Domain Movers, where DotWeekly puts a pulse on corporate domain name transactions and reports them to you. These are often very early detection’s and likely the first time being reported. I highly rely on whois data, which doesn’t always tell the whole story but I always try my very best to provide the info that I see and is publicly available from many sources.

Here we go with the latest domain movers: appears to have been acquired by Mehr! Entertainment GmbH. The domain name was in the February GreatDomains auction at Sedo. I didn’t see a report of it selling, so this may have taken place after the auction or during it.

CXOsync LLC has acquired from GoDaddy, out of the NameFind domain portfolio.

Accenture Global Services Limited registered the domain names has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. It appears the new owner is Eli Lilly and Company as that is what DNS is set to. followed suit in the same manner. has also been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain has been registered since 1997

Home Box Office, Inc. registered the domain names has been registered by Sony, adding to over 10,000 domain names they own. They also registered several “Animax” related domain names like,, and hyphen versions of each. It doesn’t appear that they own the EMD, which is under privacy protection at GoDaddy and has been for a long time. has been sold and is currently in escrow via Amazing domain! The domain has been registered since 1994 and was owned by Innovation HQ, which acquired the domain name for a reported $800,000 in 2005. has been sold via and the buyers are Cartoonlink, Inc. has been acquired by EmiratesNBD Bank PJSC via

Ford Motor Company launches new auto parts brand under the brand name OmniCraft and settles for second rate domain name This move wasn’t out of the blue for me, as I had seen Ford file a TM for OC OmniCraft back in September 2016. They hand registered the domain name on June 14, 2014. Ford does own and use, the parts for Ford vehicles. has transferred into brand protection service MarkMonitor, which is used by Google. Since Google recently announced gSuite, one would have to assume that they have acquired the domain name. Google rebranded its Apps as G Suite in September 2016.

Facebook Inc. under the Oculus VR, LLC brand name registered the domain names adding to the 3,200+ domain names FB now owns. has moved out of whois privacy protection and off a Coming Soon page. The domain now displays in whois records and the domain no longer resolves. It is currently unclear for the recent movements but could relate to the domain name selling. Whois does not show as the owners in 2014 when the domain was not under privacy. I reached out to for comment but have not heard back at the time of publication.

Microsoft Corporation has acquired the domain name from BuyDomains.

NBCUniversal Media, LLC registered the domain names, Ltd. has sold into the Chinese market.

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