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Here are the latest movements detected by DotWeekly:

The Procter & Gamble Company has acquired Gleem.com and Gleem.net as well as GleemBox.com. Gleem.com was owned by a Gleem Studios / Kevin Sparks prior. Gleem.net and GleemBox.com were both under whois privacy. P&G discontinued the Gleem toothpaste brand in 2014 and rolled the formula into a Crest product. Based on these domain purchases, it would appear that P&G has some kind of plans for the Gleem term.

1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC. has acquired SimplyChocolate.com. The domain has been registered since 2002 and was under privacy at the time. The domain was listed for sale via the Uniregistry system.

Auth.com is now owned by Apple Inc. after they acquired AuthenTec in July 2012 for $356 million as the domain name was one of the companies assets. It took 5 years to display Apple Inc. in whois records but it does now. The AuthenTec.com domain also transferred ownership to Apple.

The domain Auth.com did move into whois privacy at Network Solutions and likely reached expiry on February 8, 2017 but was renewed around March 1, 2017 time frame under Wayne Sanford of AuthenTech (IT guy) and a SunNuclear.com registrant email address. This is a good example to show that you should always consolidate your domain assets to one registrar and update whois records so notification emails do not go amiss.

Alight.com has been acquired by domain buying service Marksmen and likely for Hewitt Associates LLC. Marksmen had acquired several similar domains prior, like Alig.ht (likely for a branded URL shortner). Alight.com was a plus size clothing store since 1999 with about 1,800 indexed pages in Google and didn’t appear to be closing down by any means. This was likely a $$$$ convincing movement.

Mirala.com has been acquired by Learn Capital. The domain name was owned by MGM prior. They also acquired Mirala.net and Mirala.org, which were owned by a different party. Learn Capital owns a slew of education related brands like BrowniePoints.com, Teachable.com and NoRedInk.com to mention a few. Mirala translates from Spanish to English as: “Look At Her”

Sealed Air Corporation has acquired RefundIt.com from its past owners. The domain has been registered since 2008.

Classic Vacations, LLC has acquired itingo.com with the help of domain buying service Marksmen.

The Dow Chemical Company appears to have sold the domain name TheTable.com, which transferred from MarkMonitor to Tucows under privacy. The website resolves already and appears to be in relation to The H Hotel in Midland, MI and The Table Restaurant they offer.

Southwest Airlines Co. appears in whois records out of privacy for HeartOfTravel.com, a domain name that has been registered since 2008.

HomeCentric.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain name was an expired auction at GoDaddy and the auction ended for $2,025 with CSC being the winning bidder.

State of Missouri has acquired MoWine.com from HugeDomains. The domain name held a buy now of $2,295 at the time of the sale.

Apple Inc. has registered the domain name iAppleMuseum.com

OPEX Corporation has acquired PerfectPick.com out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio for an undisclosed amount (likely mid $x,xxx). OPEX offers warehouse automation and offers a robot called Perfect Pick. The domain has been registered since November 2000. There are several trademarks on the term, with OPEX’s filed in 2012, which is well after the domains registration.

Google Inc. registered a new and lengthy domain name, DeepMindEthicsAndSociety.com

Telepathy, Inc. has sold the domain name DCC.com to Davies Collison Cave Pty Ltd. (Davies.com.au) for an undisclosed amount, which holds the potential to be a very solid end user sale.

Sagamore Creative Group (Kevin Plank, aka founder of Under Armour) appear to have acquired CityGarage.com from Frank Schillings Name Administration Inc. Whois is under privacy but name servers use Sagamore. I see some CityGarage.vc links on the .com, so they may have used that domain prior to the .com purchase. The .com website is live.

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