Welcome to 2017 and Domain Movers! DotWeekly keeps track of corporate domain name transactions and reports them to put a pulse on corporate related domain transactions. This is just a very small sampling of the activity but these often relate to new brands, products, services, advertising and more.

Still coming out of the holiday season, activity is still lower but that will very soon ramp back up. Today’s list isn’t long but it’s full of great domain names that are on the move.

HSP.com was redirecting to RadiusWorldwide.com and has long been under whois privacy. It just came out and stopped redirecting.

Lynne Harding is now listed in whois, who appears to be connected to HSP Prime LLC, which was filed in April 2016, so HSP.com holds a deep potential it has sold, with HSP Prime LLC being the buyers. Lynne is listed as a manager for the company.

Mino.com has been acquired by a currently unknown SafeNames client. The domain name was listed on BrandBucket prior and registered at Uniregistry. Nice CVCV .com domains like this often sell in the mid five figure range.

Teso.com followed suit as Mino.com but the only difference, that domain was registered at GoDaddy.

GoDaddy sold 8 more two letter .net domain names into the Chinese market by selling DH.net, DR.net, FZ.net, LX.net, MK.net, TS.net, CG.net and TY.net. GoDaddy also sold 20 four number .com domains in a lot into the Chinese market with domains like 2025.com, 2933.com, 7412.com and 6210.com

Windstream Communications moved Fast.net from MarkMonitor to Tucows. It’s currently not clear why this took place and the domain name does not resolve.

Filed.com has moved out of NetNames and has went under whois privacy protection at Name.com. Did the domain sell is the burning question and not one that can be answered right now.

Wae.com appears to have been acquired by a currently unknown NetNames client. The domain was registered at Namesilo prior under whois privacy.

BeefJerky.com has been sold and moved into escrow via Escrow.com. The domain is resolving to a beef jerky website that states Beef Jerky Ltd of Texas as the owners. The domain was owned by Twin Falls, Idaho Gregory Nemitz prior.

Two other domains moved into Escrow via Escrow.com and those were Frank.org and LifeAfterStroke.com

DEXL Education Services has acquired it’s EMD .com and has acquired DEXL.com via domain name aftermarket service Afternic.com.

Theraworks.com comes out of whois privacy at eNom and transfers to MarkMonitor under Guthy-Renker LLC in a likely domain sale.

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  1. BeefJerky.com nice domain name. Reminds me of the Nuts.com story. Thanks Jamie.


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