Cryptocurrency wallet, Ledger Wallet has acquired the premium domain name

The domain name was owned by Gatehouse Media, LLC since 2008 and has been registered since September 19, 1994. Gatehouse used the domain name for The Patriot Ledger, which uses and had been redirecting is currently doing a redirect to, but I expect that to change over time to the new premium owned domain name that matches the companies branding simply as Ledger.

There is a continued push by companies around the world to secure their brand and own the best domain name for the company. Although this comes with cost, its the right move and is highlighted here often on DotWeekly.

Ledger SAS is a French company and also owns the domain name, as well as The company launched in 2014 and has about $85 million in funding according to CrunchBase. I was not able to find a sales price but I’d expect it to be in the six figure range.

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3 Responses to Crypto Wallet Ledger, Acquires Domain Name
  1. Another smart company understanding the value of an exact match domain.

    • @Bruce
      And the global reach of .com! They also own and use but owning the .com & .fr will greatly help globally.

  2. Super smart move by this company owning one of the defining crypto/blockchain names that will serve them well. It is a good use of some of the funds raised as it instantly shows that they are global and can branch out into many directions beyond wallets.


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