Keurig Cold™ Soda Machine & Potential Brand Names

I happened to kind of stumble upon some potential “brand names” of the Keurig Green Mountain Inc. future products with its upcoming “Cold Pods” that will deliver at home “soda” like Coca-Cola for an example. Yes, similar to SodaStream but very much like the super popular hot beverage machine and the K-Cups.

A little back story from what I found doing a little searching as this machine was news to me, this morning.

Coke announced a strategic collaboration with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. and the forthcoming Keurig Cold™ at-home beverage system. Press Release which is dated 2/5/2014.

So the “machine” is clearly going to be called Keurig Cold, but like Keurig the coffee machine, they own many brands of the “coffee pods” like Revv, Tully’s etc. Well, here are some potential “brand names” based on several domain name registered (and trademarks filed) by GMCR.

Here is an in-depth breakdown of trademarks filed and related domain names registered.

Red Barn Soda was registered 2/13/2014 and the trademark was filed 10/31/2013.

Similar domain registered:

Flynn’s Soda Shop registered 2/13/2014 and the trademark was filed 6/18/2014


Trademark filed 4/29/2014 by Green Mountain with the Goods Services as: “zeolites charged with carbon dioxide contained in cartridges and mixed with flavored syrup for making beverages” “Machines for the production of cold water, soda, still, carbonated and sparkling beverages, and parts and fittings therefor is owned  by Raycom TV Broadcasting, Inc. and used as a “forward” to, so not owned “yet” by GMCR but maybe a future purchase?

Kold Pod was registered 3/30/2014 and the trademark was filed 3/28/2014

The “Goods and Services” description… “Syrups for making beverages; preparations for making beverages, namely, concentrates used in the preparation of fruit flavored tea based beverages, fruit-based beverages, sports beverages, and soft drinks; syrup pods, namely, disposable cartridges containing syrups for making beverages; Preparations for making aerated water; preparations for making mineral water; essences for making non-alcoholic beverages, not in the nature of essential oils

Similar domains registered:,, etc.

All of the following were registered 2/13/2014 by Green Mountain: registered 3/10/2014 trademark filed 4/30/2014

Related Trademark Filings

United Soda Works TM filed 9/17/2013, matching domain is not registered

Waterful TM filed 10/31/2013 ( was registered in 2011 and is not owned by Green Mountain, but is parked at Sedo). was registered by Green Mountain.

Soda People TM filed 12/12/2013 registered 2/13/2014

Dream In Neon TM filed  1/20/2014 Domain registered 2/20/2014 but doesn’t appear owned by Green Mountain.

Orange Orbiter TM filed 1/20/2014 Domain is not registered

Stowe Mountain Craft Soda TM filed 2/17/2014 Domain registered 2/13/2014

DJ FlavaFuse TM filed 2/18/2014 Domain not registered

Tierney’s Iced Tea Co. TM filed 2/20/2014 Domain registered 2/13/2014

For The Love Of Soda TM filed 2/24/2014 Domain not registered

Domains Registered 3/31/2014


  • Soda
  • Sports drink
  • Flavored water
  • Iced tea
  • Sparkling water

Domains Registered by others?

Most are registered with GoDaddy, a different registrar than used above.. so these domains were likely registered by somebody other than Green Mountain: 2/21/2013, 3/3/2014 and I’m sure many more! I just wanted to show a couple domains that people are clearly registering off of the TM’s filed or press releases and related domains registered.


Clearly Green Mountain did a great job with the registration of the majority of TM’s filed and the relating domain names. Registering the domains BEFORE filing, which is smart. It is interesting to see when the domains were registered relating to when the trademarks were filed as many companies register domains AFTER filing, which can make it much harder to obtain the domain names. It is clearly early in the game for the brand launch and from my understanding, the future Keurig Cold and the relating “Kold Pods” are not due into retail until sometime in 2015! A lot can change in this time frame, but it appears things are going in the right direct for Green Mountain as on June 27, 2014 it was reported that a new production plant is being built and is related to the cold brew machine, Keurig Cold!

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  1. I participated in a market research study based on this device and the brand name drinks associated with it. The list of companies they have on board is coconuts.

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