Brown Shoe Co Rebranding to Caleres, Hand Reg’s Domain

Brown Shoe Co. who had owned the ultra premium domain name and sold it and its online division in December 2014 for an undisclosed amount to Shoeme is going to rebrand the main company name to Caleres.

Brown Shoe Company will become Caleres following its May 28, 2015 shareholding meeting.

From a domain name aspect, the Brown Shoe Company went from owning the best generic shoe domain name in the world and now has “hand registered” the future brand name for the main company,


Caleres was derived from the Latin word ‘calere,’ which translates to ‘passionate, to glow.’ as mentioned in a news article about the rebrand.

Brown Shoe Company has $2.6 Billion dollars in global revenue and is a publicly traded company (BWS). was hand registered (hand registered means the domain name was not registered by anybody and was simply registered at normal registrations fees anybody would pay for the domain) at CSC Corporate Domains on April 1, 2014, no joke.

Brown Shoe Company has also registered the Caleres .net | .org | .biz domain names.

So in the end, the company will be switching from Brown Shoe Company and using the domain name to Caleres and using the domain name

Brown Shoe also registered the domain name | .net | .org but does not own which is a call center. |.net |.org | .biz

Interesting to note, and .org were registered BEFORE the Caleres domains. The and domains were registered 2/14/2014. was registered on 2/19/2014.

In general, well I really do not like the new name. It’s hard to even know how to say it. It sounds like more than one way to spell it and there are just so many other better options for a name! At least they didn’t go with like Overstock did with!

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  1. We’re getting into the “namer” rather than “domainer” side of things with this name. “Caleres” .. I’m in two minds about it. I like the “cal” bringing you to the Sunshine State.


  2. Yes, it does sound a bit like celery. Actually, a lot like celery. I don’t know about you, but it’s really getting me in the mood to buy some skechers.

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