Who Is SOJCOM, LLC Owners of Pen.com, Great.com & More?


Hand registered the domain name LustMustNeed.com yesterday using CSC Corporate Domains. This is interesting to me, because not much is known about SOJCOM from my understanding. I wrote about them appearing to have purchased LuxuaryWeddings.com here  and “Charley” commented that SOJCOM, LLC was a private domain investor. They could be, but are likely a large company.

So I wanted to find out more about this SOJCOM, LLC so I did some digging this morning and here is what I found out.

An earlier whois record on Pen.com on 4/13/2013 displays “Branded Holding Group” with the same street address as the current SOJCOM, LLC listed in whois and used the email address “webmaster@goog4.com”. 8/8/2013 is when SOJCOM, LLC was displayed in whois for Pen.com .

This opens up to Brand Group Holdings, Inc. (Brand Group) which is the parent holding company of The Brand Banking Co (Brand Bank), Branded Holding Group.

SOJCOM owns some stunning domain names like Accident.com, HD.com, Pen.com, Lucky.com, Super.com and more (about 40 total according to DomainTools nc@sojcom.com)!

Other connections include (they may have sold some of these as I have not checked whois on them all, plus there are more domains as I didn’t include them all), Pipe.com, Hangout.com, Northern.com, Prevent.com, Ultra.com, The.com, RG.com, Jo.com, ZC.com, Mb.com, Uf.com, Wonder.com, Nightfall.com, Scarlet.com and Chief.com. These all hold the Branded Holding Group in whois.

Chemtob Moss & Forman, LLP (CmftLaw.com) appear to have filed the LLC for SOJCOM (4407921) on May 23, 2013  . They hold the same street address as used in the SOJCOM whois data.

SuperheroEnterprises.com is listed under SOJCOM, LLC as well and that domain is owned by a “Davien Watkins” according to whois.

Since domains like Accident.com and Pen.com for example once held the “Branded Holding Group” name in whois and switched to SOJCOM, LLC later and SuperheroEnterprises.com, this puts connections to more than one owner of these domain names in connection with SOJCOM, LLC. With multipul owners, this tells me that SOJCOM, LLC is a legal service and work on-half of clients. The main client appears to be “Branded Holding Group”.

It is unknown why “some” domains of Branded Holding Group are now listed with SOJCOM, LLC and some with “Branded Holding Group”. The one connection that I can tell, is it appears the “Branded Holding Group’s” domains that are with SOJCOM, LLC appear to be listed for sale. Not all, but several.

Something that “may” eliminate my “for sale” idea is the fact that the listings at Sedo for Pen.com show the sellers location as Australia but the simple fact is, that Pen.com, Accident.com, Traceroute.com and Great.com all MATCH the Australia location. Why Sedo shows the sellers location as “Australia”, I’m not sure. They also show the seller has been active since 2008/2009. I’m sure there is some kind of connection.


It is very likely that Branded Holding Group is using SOJCOM, LLC to sell/manage some of its domain assets. Not “all” domains listed with SOJCOM, LLC are listed for sale, like HD.com, forwards to Amazon.com but are still owned by SOJCOM, LLC according to whois. Maybe a lease and the reason the domain is currently not for sale. Lucky.com is a “search page”.

The majority of domains listed under the SOJCOM, LLC name in whois are likely owned by Branded Holding Group. I did find Nightfall.com listed under the BHG name in whois, and it’s also listed for sale on Sedo with the matching “Australia” origin, so not “all” domains listed for sale have a connection to SOJCOM, LLC.

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