Based on whois information, it appears that Visa / Black Card LLC*  is likely getting ready to make a play with “Gold Card”.

I did a little digging and it appears that Visa / Black Card LLC*  likely purchased the domain names and for around $125,000. Media Options had the domains under contract and listed in a newsletter on September 10, 2013.

A whois record change on November 6, 2013  shows “Matt Serlin” of MarkMonitor in whois. A November 7, 2013 whois record shows the same for . Visa uses MarkMonitor as does Black Card LLC.

The following is now displayed on, which is pretty recent:


Another similar domain, was also acquired likely on behalf of Visa / Black Card LLC*  for an undisclosed amount, with that transaction likely taking place June 6, 2014 via a secret buyer. That domain has also been transferred into MarkMonitor recently.

The tag line in the image above, The World Awaits as a domain name has had similar whois updates and was likely purchased as well. on 5/17/2013 went into privacy protection and was transferred to from GoDaddy. Whois currently on is now public again…. showing the “past owner” prior to going into privacy protection, Jason Van Dyk. I’ll bet all the money in my wallet this domain transfers into MarkMonitor very shortly! sold on 5/22/2009 at Sedo for about $11,000 . According to whois, they may also be the sellers to Visa / Black Card LLC.

* It is not clear if Visa OR Black Card LLC specifically own the domain names (likely Black Card LLC owns the domains mentioned in this article) and if the two “own” some of each others company. TO ME, it doesn’t really matter who owns what domains, because it’s one of them and they are both making money from it.

* There is also potential that “Visa” may not be associated with the Gold Card at all, but they are connected to the Black Card.

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3 Responses to Visa Gold Card Coming? Related Domain Action
  1. At the bottom of the lander it says Black Card, LLC.
    Black Card, LLC also owns the “The World Awaits” trademark:

    As far as I can tell (see, Black Card, LLC is not a Visa subsidiary but rather part of Barclay’s Bank.

    • Frank, I dug pretty hard to see who was behind “Black Card LLC” and I did notice that article. I had found other data that Barclays and Black Card LLC is a separate entity but couldn’t find a connection. Barclays could be behind and now but I couldn’t find a clear… Barclays is Black Card LLC. I will keep looking and try to make a connection.


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