Target Acquires + More Domain Movers

What domain names are companies buying? Are new brands, products, services being launched? Get the insider details with Domain Movers, who keeps track of company focused domain name transactions that often shed light on just that.

Here is a tiny sample of some recent domain name transactions discovered by DotWeekly:

Holy Cow! Gourmet Burger SA has acquired its exact match .com domain name using to complete the transaction from its past owners. The domain has been registered since July 1995.

Dr. Sanusi Umar who brands as Dr U, with the matching premium 3 letter domain name and offers a hair and skin clinic in LA has acquired from Name Administration Inc. The domain name held a buy now of $81,900 but the exact sales price is unknown. On DrU it mentions of a Natural Hair Treatment product coming soon, called DrUgro. The company also registered in October 2016 and does a great job at acquiring and using matching domain names to its offerings.

NAI continued with a bunch of sales the past couple of days, some of which are: which was acquired by, with simply brands as The Mantle. That domain held a buy now of $28,600. which was acquired by El Porto Surfboards and is currently redirecting to its Instagram page. The domain held a buy now of $27,300.

Big Poppa Smokers has acquired also from NAI. The domain held a buy now of $38,987. has potentially sold? The domain name was owned by Avant Credit Corporation and has transferred out of corporate registrar MarkMonitor and transferred to Amazon’s registrar under whois privacy. remains at MarkMonitor, which is the companies main domain name and the reason I think it may have potentially sold.

H&M registered a slew of HMHome domain names in new gTLD’s like, .style, .tech, .top, .vip and much more. Herman Miller owns has been sold by MarkMonitor on behalf of one of its clients and was acquired by which appears to be an energy company. has been acquired by HostGator founder, Brent Oxley out of GoDaddy’s NameFind domain investment portfolio. This follows the recent purchase of by Brent from GoDaddy.

Meta Financial Group acquired also from GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. reported the sale of for $100,000 which was sold by BQDN. Brent Oxley was the buyer. was also reported for $51K and was also purchased by Brent. was acquired by Target Brands for another private label brand for home goods called Opalhouse. DotWeekly noticed the domain sale in April 2017 when domain buyer brokerage service Marksmen acquired the domain from its past owners.

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7 thoughts on “Target Acquires + More Domain Movers

  1. Brent Oxley has certainly been on a buying spree lately. Looks like 1 word .com’s for the most part.

  2. Thank you Jamie,

    NAI on a roll as usual.I’m sure he makes a million annually .Make 5 figures times 50 Sales and you are there with the right names and patience .Not everyone can wait for those sales as cashflow is important which makes most domainers sell too fast .

    1. @Ron,
      Yes, it’s stated in the article that he purchased “ reported the sale of for $100,000 which was sold by BQDN. Brent Oxley was the buyer. was also reported for $51K and was also purchased by Brent.”

  3. Nothing as clever as getting the right names and then build out unique businesss easy to remember while people applaud you .Brent is a smart guy .

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