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Domain Movers highlights company focused domain name transactions. These are often early indicators of new brands, products, services, advertising efforts and more.

As always, these are mainly all very early discoveries and I try to provide as much info as I can with each. Here are the latest:

Bidr.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain name was owned by Name Administration Inc. prior.

Twitch Interactive, Inc. has taken ownership of FiveGods.com from GoodGame … Read the rest

On July 31, 2014 Twitter Inc. registered the domain name TwitterDigits.com with CSC Corporate Domains which I mentioned in this article. On August 5, 2014 Twitter registered the domain name DigitsByTwitter.com . At that time I monitored the domain name Digits.com because I thought it had some “odd” activity on it recently and with the domain registrations by Twitter, they may have been doing something big

The domain Digits.com switched around the earlier Twitter Digits domain registrations to a … Read the rest