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There is a fairly strong chance that the domain name Dating.com has been sold! This would be a multi-million dollar domain sale if it did sell again!

Dating.com sold during a 2010 DOMAINfest domain name auction for $1.75 Million as I reported to Harlequin Holdings Limited. The domain had a “beta” site on it for several years but nothing really was on the “site” other than that. Plus it mainly focused on escorts.

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According to whois records the domain name Dating.com which sold for $1.75 Million at DomainFEST 2010 has been purchased by Harlequin Holdings Limited.

Whois records show Moniker Escrow on 5/27/10 and as of 5/28/10 show a Jeff Gilroy of Harlequin Holdings Limited.

I tried doing a little digging using the email address provided (JepekMarketing.com) and using Harlequin Holdings Limited but I didn’t really come up with much added information about the new owners of the Dating.com domain name.

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