The other day I received in the snail mail a very attractive piece of mailing, which was an advertisement for a new product from Altria, the owners of the most popular cigarette brand Marlboro. The new product is called MarkTen® and is an electronic cigarette.

So I dug into the brand launch from a domain wise aspect and wanted to see when they registered the domain names, how they registered the domain names and what trademarks were filed … Read the rest

I’m still not sure If I am going to continue to do these or not, but I have still been doing the research and I have still beeen writing down notes while doing the research.. so here is a Big List of domain name discoveries from my daily dig notes. If you are wondering, this is two days worth of digging and I clearly do not write about “all” of the domains I see. I don’t hide any, it just … Read the rest

This morning I had discovered something that I found a little interesting, a domain for sale lander on . The domain name is under control by domain name registrar Mark Monitor with the generic whois data of “Matt Serlin” and DNStination Inc.  which is often the name used when the company buys a domain for a client. was a simple parked page with, prior to changing to the current Mark Monitor landing page in the screenshot below.… Read the rest

The follow is a domain inquiry story from start to finish. From what I found, my action and the action of other parties involved.

This morning when I was digging around domains that were moving and I ran into the following information:


Hand registered a bunch of variations of “Progress In Mind” domain names. They do not currently own, as that is a blog and owned by Richard Sykes. I would bet Lundbeck
is trying to purchase the … Read the rest