Electronic Arts has acquired the domain name BF4.com for the upcoming launch of the 13th installment of the very popular game Battlefield. The new BF4 game is set to launch in the fall of 2013.

EA isn't shy in using great domain names, as they simply use Battlefield.com for the "main" domain name for the games site.

The domain BF4.com sold for $550 in 2008 on the NamePros.com forum and was held by that buyer until early this year (2013) … Read the rest

Domain names can be some amazing little buggers! That's why I love them so much! You never know what you are holding and who wants your one of a kind piece of virtual real estate. Domain names can be extremely powerful when used in marketing, as it can easily direct a massive amount of eyeballs in one location!

Mike Mann is reporting on his Facebook page that his company has sold* the domain name ComingTogether.com for $60,000 USD. A domain … Read the rest

Kmart of all stores came up with a commercial that has gone viral and it's funny! I think of Kmart and the 80's, empty parking lots and brown shopping carts. I hate the color brown and the 80's were some 30 years ago.

Well, Kmart pulled a fast one on everybody and produced a commercial that grabs attention with the play off of a three word term! Ship My Pants

With a little "slur" and different accents, ship can sound … Read the rest

Doing some digging (it's what I do) I was able to uncover some domain names that have sold recently (likely for a fair amount) but went unreported likely due to an NDA. The following domain names have "clear" whois changes but were not reported sold for whatever reason. The sales took place via BuyDomains or Afternic. (if I am able to drum up an educated guess on I price I will post it by the name.)

Cup.net , new owner … Read the rest

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