DotWeekly does a lot of deep digging and discovers a lot of different stuff related to domain names, so I thought I would share a recent tracking. Sometimes it leads to something really interesting, sometimes not so much. Here is a general, but real life example of how some of the domain tracing diggings take place and how its started.


There is always something that triggers me to LOOK into a specific domain. Today, I happened to notice the … Read the rest

I took a much needed break yesterday but today I’m back at it with a big and juicy list of domain names that were either purchases, registered or simply moving by some of the largest companies on the web. DotWeekly digs hard for this info and provides it here for the love of sharing. A lot of fresh and upcoming things from several companies, so enjoy. Some big money being spent on domain names!

Del Monte Foods

Has acquired the … Read the rest

I heard the term “Dronie” in some web video and I thought, that’s pretty cool… a Drone Selfie! Well, drones are going to be huge in the very near future and selfies are big now and have been big before but we just didn’t call them selfies then… so putting the two together, Dronie sounded like a fun term to me.

After hearing the term, I checked on the domain name… It was registered already and was created in May … Read the rest

I’m starting to feel and sound like a broken record now, but… the ISIS Wallet rebrand is starting to collect a large amount of domain names now! I wrote about Softcard domain registrations, then I noticed similar domains being registered and wrote about Zoma yesterday and now today… Willow.

Today I discovered very similar domains to the domains owned by ISIS Wallet and the rebranding they are doing currently. I noticed similar registrations with new terms Softcard and then Zoma … Read the rest

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