Numeric Domain Market On Fire

The numeric domain name market is running wild thanks to the very active Chinese market! Five and six number .com domain names are seeing prices climbing at a rapid rate. Four number .com domain names are easily starting to reach five figures (yes some are still selling at four figures depending on number quality) but four number domain prices are rapidly rising. 3 number .com domains are rising and are selling in the six figure range on average!

Here are some recent reported sold four number .com domain sales in the month of May with a clear trend of prices increasing during the month:

Domain Price Date Venue $10,200 21.05.2015 NameJet $26,100 19.05.2015 NameJet $26,500 15.05.2015 Sedo $10,600 07.05.2015 NameJet $8,850 06.05.2015 NameJet $8,650 05.05.2015 NameJet $9,500 04.05.2015 NameJet $7,566 03.05.2015 Sedo $9,377 01.05.2015 NameJet

Other than “zip codes”, for the most part that was what 5 number domains mainly focused on but here is a quick look at some NNNNN .com expired domain auctions currently taking place at GoDaddy with time still left in all auctions:

Domain Name Bids Bid Price Auction End
63 $15,000 * 7H 20M
28 $305 * 5H 37M
24 $710 * 1D 6H
19 $760 * 5H 2M
19 $760 * 5H 24M
15 $630 * 7H 34M
11 $105 * 7D 5H
8 $57 * 6D 8H
6 $760 * 8H 5M
6 $49 * 7D 6H

And those auctions haven’t even closed yet! On average, I would say most NNNNN .com domain sales have been in the low 3 figure range with a few select domains reaching four figures.

5 number domains are not the only ones with rising prices, even six number .com domain names are seeing prices in the near mid three figure range in recent expired domain name auctions at & NameJet and below is just from one day: 440 USD 2015-05-17 DropCatch 440 USD 2015-05-17 DropCatch 420 USD 2015-05-17 DropCatch 340 USD 2015-05-17 DropCatch 331 USD 2015-05-17 NameJet 330 USD 2015-05-17 DropCatch 321 USD 2015-05-17 DropCatch 320 USD 2015-05-17 NameJet 320 USD 2015-05-17 NameJet 320 USD 2015-05-17 NameJet 320 USD 2015-05-17 NameJet 320 USD 2015-05-17 NameJet 313 USD 2015-05-17 NameJet 313 USD 2015-05-17 NameJet 310 USD 2015-05-17 NameJet 284 USD 2015-05-17 DropCatch

The six number domains are starting to take off now, but the majority of NNNNNN .com domains are available but being registered pretty quickly. This is something that is pretty interesting, mainly considering the 5 number domain sales are mainly in the low 3 figure range. Yes, number quality plays a factor but it is interesting to start seeing six number domains pricing near what 5 number .com domains are.

If you are considering investing in numeric .com domain names, here are some helpful tips to what the numbers value in the Chinese market:

What Are Good Numbers?

  • 8 is the best number
  • 4 is a bad one, 5 is bad but good at times
  • 7 is even
  • 9 is fine and zero is fine too
  • 6 is good for business
  • Domains starting with 0 are less valuable than domains ending with 0
  • The more the number has 8 in it, the more valuable it is
  • Repeating numbers increase the value

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  1. On fire and ready to burn!

    So you’re not up to date with the Chinese domain market then?

    Looks like the .com might be heading back West for liquidation.

    Can’t c and p my link in here, sorry.

  2. So toll free numbers 1-888-xxx-yyyy are the best for Chinese as well?
    Maybe it is time to invest into phone numbers )

  3. And it’s all superstitious nonsense. Sillier than the major religions, which are just politically enfranchised cults really. Only astrology is worse.

  4. Really seeing prizes rise this year for numerics, now 7 characters fetching good prices. I wonder how far it will go, 8,9, even 10characters (numbers)… only time will tell.

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