Dyson Technology Limited getting into the car manufacturing business?

Based on several new domain name registrations at corporate domain name registrar CSC Corporate Domains, which Dyson uses, it may appear that way.

Dyson registered the following domain names on September 25, 2017:

  • Dyson-Car.com
  • Dyson-Cars.com
  • DysonAuto.com
  • DysonElectricCar.com
  • DysonElectricVehicle.com
  • DysonTransport.com
  • DysonVehicle.com
  • DysonVehicles.com

From vacuums and fans to cars.. hmmm

In March 2016, TheGuardian.com wrote an article that showed government documents that Dyson was working on an electric car. On September 25, 2017 DailyMail also produced an article that stated Dyson may soon announce the early stages of an electric car.

Now come the 8 new domain name registrations by Dyson that further confirm this may be reality.

I just hope they actually have a Dyson vacuum installed as part of the car, then I wouldn’t need to haul out my “house” vacuum to clean my car.

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5 Responses to New Dyson Domain Names Hint At Electric Car
  1. Wonder how much the car is going to cost, their vacuums aren’t cheap. Thanks Jamie

  2. Vacuum cleaners suck!

  3. Electric Car is huge and growing market. Sooner or later majority of vehicle will be Electric.

    I am very happy for my name Electric Car (.) Com



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