When you have a super cool, new product, it sells itself IMO and this is a product that is going to sell itself! Lily camera is basically a “GoPro” meets drone or as they explain it, the first throw and shoot camera! This camera tracks you!

The company launched the new product on a new gTLD .camera domain @ Lily.camera


It is a perfect fit in this case, because the product is called “Lily” and it happens to be a “camera” so Lily.Camera is a nice keyword fit for the company. The problem will be getting the general public to KNOW that when they see lily.camera that it’s a domain name. It is embedded in peoples mind that when they see .com, it’s a domain name and with so many new TLD’s, seeing .whatever is going to take some time for people see it and know its a domain.

The next problem, people are so use to typing .com, that even when I was doing research for this story.. I type lilycamera without the . between lily and camera and hit go in my address bar. This resulted in my default search engine doing a “search” for “lilycamera” instead of visiting the site I intended directly. The site does rank #1 on Google and they are running an ad, so I could easily find it, but that isn’t always going to be the case.

There are about 5,200 currently registered .camera domain names. Google is displaying 88,900 indexed pages on .camera domain names. .camera domains became available to the public on 2/12/2014.

Google is showing some love to the lily camera website also, ranking Lily.Camera as #1 for the search term lily camera out of over 13 Million results.


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