Las Vegas Sands Corp Registers NFL Related Stadium Domains

The Las Vegas Sands Corporation has registered at least 38 new domain names relating to a potential football stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada for a potential NFL team and or UNLV. The vast majority of these domain name are lobbying / defensive.

Here is a list of domain registrations that occurred on March 24, 2016 by Las Vegas Sands Corporation:

38 domain names in total that I had seen. Two different “potential” names for this stadium/dome based on the LVS view. Adelson Stadium and Sands Stadium.

Adelson would relate to the owner of the Las Vegas Sands Corp, Sheldon Adelson.

There have been several stories already talking about the potential $1.2 Billion dollar stadium that would be 2/3 publicly funded, it just gets more interesting when the company behind the push starts registering domain names for it. It  can often show more info that hasn’t been announced publicly yet and or a direction they are likely going to push for.

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