HP Inc. has acquired the premium domain name Omen.com.

The domain name was owned by Betty Forsberg and The Charles Forsberg Testamentary Trust (Omen Technology Inc.) according to whois records.

A DomainTools screen shot history shows the domain held a MediaOptions landing page with a $250,000 asking price in 2016. In 2017, the domain simply held a “Domain Name is For Sale” message and a SafeNames.net email address and remained that way until May 2018, when the domain name transferred to brand protection registrar MarkMonitor and now displays HP Inc as the owners.

omen.com whois

The domain name has been registered since November 1993.

HP offers a gaming computer line under the OMEN branding, so the domain name purchase will help promote those gaming computers, which the domain name is already redirecting to the OMEN line of computers.

The OMEN gaming computer line was announced in May 2016.

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2 Responses to HP Inc. Acquires Omen.com Domain Name
  1. I heard mention of that name in January of this year and loved it! The beauty of it is the unknown.

  2. Very interesting sale, indeed. I’m curious, what the sale price could be? If the seller knew it’s for HP, hardly less than 100k…


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