I noticed some action on GrandCentral.com a domain name that has been owned by Google Inc. . The domain was with domain name registrar MarkMonitor and has just transferred OUT to GoDaddy.com and includes the email address craig@firespotter.com in whois.

Google is still shown in whois records as the “owner” (registrant) of the domain and the only change besides registrar is the Registrant Email. To me, this indicates a sale or potential partnership in some way.

Firespotter Labs created UberConference which won TC Disrupt 2012. This may or may not be connected, or simply could be a new product from Firespotter?



It appears Craig and GrandCentral have an earlier connection according to this 2011 AllThingsD.com article and this CrunchBase on GrandCentral.com which became Google Voice.

So is Craig going to be doing something “new” with GrandCentral.com? Likely!

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2 Responses to Did Google Sell GrandCentral.com Domain Name?
  1. First off your blog is one of the best on the feeds. I’ve read every post since you started back up again, and it’s typically the 1st article I go to. Thought a comment of appreciation was in order. And I dig the new theme, clean and simple. A sponsor’s paradise 😉

    As far as the article is concerned this article may shine a bit more light… http://techcrunch.com/2011/05/04/google-voice-ceo-craig-walker-launches-firespotter-a-google-ventures-funded-incubator/ (if you haven’t read it).

  2. I’d echo Travis. In fact, I could write a page-long paean to DotWeekly.com. But I’ll save that for a venue that can get the word out about your site.

    Meantime, thumb’s up!


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