Facebook Inc. has acquired the premium generic domain name Groups.com

Hogan Lovells International LLP was used to help acquire the domain name, which is common for the company. The domain has been registered since May 18, 1997 and was owned by a Dharshinee Naidu of New York prior.

The transaction appears to have taken place back in November 2017 but whois has just updated to show Facebook as the owners. Groups.com current redirects to Facebook.com/community

The purchase price is unknown but I’d estimate at least mid-high five figures and potentially higher. Facebook has acquired many domain names to match products/services they offer, like Messenger.com, Internet.org, i.org, NewsFeed.com, GameRoom.com, F8.com and the reported $8.5 million they paid for FB.com to mention just a few.

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5 Responses to Facebook Acquires Groups.com Domain Name
  1. A big domainer owned the domain so hopefully they got six figs.

  2. Dharshinee Naidu that I have met at Namescon does not usually sells domains so this must be a mid-high 6-figure or even a 7-figure sale!

  3. He has been selling as of late.

  4. That is his daughters name, he has a different name, associated with a company called World News out of Singapore?

  5. I was contacted by Hogan Lovells International LLP in 2015 to purchase my domain profile ( d – o – t) com. I guess FB wanted to purchase it. But I was told my asking price is too much.


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