Hello! These are domain name movers and they are moving for one reason or another. Either a large company purchased the domain name, sold the domain name or the domain is simply moving for another reason. Here are some domain movers that I have able to dig up that likely wouldn’t have been announced otherwise.

Markland.com has been purchased by Hines Interest Limited Partnership for an undisclosed amount. Hines is a real estate development, investment and management firm.

SYW.com has been purchased by SEARS BRANDS LLC from Time Inc. UK Ltd which used the domain name for Super Yacht World. Sears uses the tag line “Shop Your Way” and owns the matching domain name ShopYourWay.com on a developed website, so this 3 letter domain is likely for that. They do promote the acronym SYW. It’s really hard to say when big company A sells a domain to big company B, as the sales price always has the potential to be fairly high. At least 5, if not 6 figures is likely.

A currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client registered a large amount of “full on vapor” variations of spelling domain names. FullOnVapor.com, .net, .org, .info, FulOnVapor.com, FullOnVape.com, FullVapor.com etc. I would expect this to be the MarkTen brand from Marlboro as MarkTenXL.com, .net and .org were also registered.

Johnson & Johnson registered the domain names HealthyDayApp.com and .net. They do not appear to own HealthyDay.com

Thrilled.com has very likely been sold by YummyNames to a currently unknown buyer. The domain has transferred to GoogleDomains and out of Tucows.

Amazon registered several domain names which included AmazonPetSupply.com, AWSEngage.com and AWSEducate.com

BattleWeeds.com was registered by the Dow Chemical Company.

Cize.com has been purchased by Beachbody LLC . There were a couple movements prior to the domain showing Beachbody. Thomas Zou owned the domain and then a Evan Scher appears in whois but most other info didn’t change until 12/19/2014 to Evan Scher with the email address evanthejet@hotmail.com . Secret buyer for MarkMonitor? Hard to say but the potential is there. Evan Scher also may work for Beachbody and so on.

BaseballBat.com is owned by a company that makes HOCKEY stuff? Bauer Hockey, Inc. Whois data just changed registrant data from Easton-Bell Sports, Inc. (BellSports.com) to Bauer Hockey, Inc. Easton-Bell Sports is now known as BRG Sports and is owned by Fenway Partners. The question is, know that information, did the domain name BaseballBat.com “sell”? One needs to know if BRG Sports owns Bauer Hockey, Inc.?

Well, this article from Bloomberg.com explains somethings a bit more. The short story, Bauer purchased the company Easton! So the domain didn’t really sell by itself.  So why does a “Hockey” company own BaseballBat.com? Because they are getting into the baseball market with the purchase of Easton, also a very popular hockey brand but also a popular baseball brand.

In general it can often be hard to track why a domain names whois information changes from one company to another. Did just the domain sell? Did company A buy company B etc.

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  1. Bauer makes hockey sticks, work with wood, keep factories running all year round, they in the same business, lathing.


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