Welcome, this is Domain Movers! We keep track of corporate focused domain name movements and report these early findings to you. These are often early indicators of new brands, marketing efforts, domain upgrades and more.

Here is a very small sample of some recent movements detected:

Rewired Labs has acquired its EMD, Rewired.com at domain name aftermarket service Sedo for an undisclosed amount.

Lemonland S.A has acquired its EMD, Lemonland.com via Afternic.com for an undisclosed amount.

NetPassport.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client from its past owner. The domain has been registered since 2005.

DD IP Holder LLC (Dunkin Brands) registered two new domain names and those included DunkinBeer.com and DunkinBrew.com. Both are interesting registrations. 1.) because there has been talk of Dunkin Donuts rebranding simply as Dunkin and 2.) the whole beer thing.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company registered TotalHomeScore.com on September 7, 2017 and appears to be getting ready to use it in some fashion as they have set name servers to a host provider.

Secure.com appears to have sold. The domain was owned by Secure Computer Communications, Inc. prior and moved to Escrow.com briefly before whois moved to privacy. The domain also transferred from Network Solutions to GoDaddy at the time and potentially is using Escrow.com’s domain holding services.

Grid.com had some movement in whois records. The domain had generic whois at CSC for several years and then briefly switched to  A Medium Corporation (Medium.com) and now has transferred out of CSC Corporate Domains to Amazon’s registrar under privacy. Medium.com is also registered at Amazon’s registrar currently but was also with CSC prior until around November 18, 2017. At this point, Medium either acquired Grid.com recently or has owned it and it was just revealed briefly that they do own it with the transfer out. The domain does not resolve to anything currently.

Grid.com Whois

HP Inc. appears to be listing more domain names for sale with DigitalDNA. In my last Domain Movers article, I made mention that HP listed Gram.com for sale with DigitalDNA and now Keychain.com has been listed for sale.

.health must have launched yesterday (or very recently) as I’m seeing a large amount of .health domains being registered by companies. I didn’t read into it but today I was seeing a fair amount of them registered.

AccessOnline.com appears to have been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client from its past owner who had the domain parked with Bodis.

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