I’m a bit under the weather today but domains don’t stop moving so I shouldn’t (even though I feel like crap) so I did some digging this morning and noticed several interesting domain movers to share with you. Here we go with today’s list:

Grains.com has been purchased from Garry Chernoff of NetIncome Ventures Inc. by Barchart.com Inc for a currently undisclosed amount. Garry owns some great domain names and any that I have seen reported sold by him, are not cheap. The domain was parked with InternetTraffic.om / DomainNameSales.com

EasyTreatment.com has been purchased by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Services client. The domain was created in 2002 and only the .com is currently registered.

ReElection.com has been sold by YummyNames.com and purchased by Jonathan Kaplan, a buyer TheDomains.com hasn’t been happy with in the past, as he backed out on buying OnVideos.com for $15K according to this article.

Untouched.com has been purchased by a currently unknown company by MarkMonitors DNStination Inc. . The domain name was listed with BrandBucket.com and has been registered since 1998. It appears the domain name did go into PendingRenewal via Network Solutions on 8/18/2014 when Fuji Water had owned the domain name. By 9/10/2014 a Richard Filing of Australia was listed in whois and listed with BrandBucket on or about 10/9/2014. The domain transferred out of NSI to Dynadot on November 13, 2014.

Untouched.com was sold in the expired domain auction to Richard for $3,600 at NameJet. I have reached out to Richard to see if he is able to share the sales price but I haven’t heard back yet at time of posting this. One potential buyer would be Fuji Water again…

RainShed.com, LRNelson.com + more domains… Fiskars Corporation has purchased Bosch garden and water business including the brands Gilmour and Nelson. I had noticed a couple domains moving from Bosch to Fiskars and this is the reason behind it.

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Jamie Zoch is a domain investor, dad and dedicated husband who founded DotWeekly.com in 2008 to bring unique and helpful views on domain names. Jamie is very passionate about domain names and helping others learn and prosper.

2 Responses to Domain Movers: Grains.com, Untouched.com & More
  1. Jonathan Kaplan bailed on a ONKeyword.com domain from me also, time waster, glad his funds finally came thru for someone.

  2. Richard is also developing WomensGolf.com. If you know any golfers, tell them about the site.


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