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Here are a few recent domain movers, with a focus on the corporate world (yet I stick in a few valuable domains that may have moved outside the corporate world).

A little bit of a slow week or I’m feeling the effects of losing some of my research resources. Not sure which one but I still couldn’t do what I do without and! To note, DomainTools owned which is a tool I use is moving to subscription based (DomainTools) June 1, 2016. I have an account but not sure how the change will relate to the service provided. has rebranded as They acquired the domain name from Piran Partners LLP who have owned the domain name for many years, which has been registered since 2000. According to whois records, they acquired the domain about April 12, 2017

The companies new logo (which contains a red dot and the low case word dash) could be a bit confusing due to new gTLD’s, as it does look like a domain name extension. .dash

Hilton International Holding LLC registered adding to the 6,000+ domain names they own. has been acquired by Guthy Renker. They also registered similar relating domains like,, and

Altria Client Services Inc. acquired and the .net from HugeDomains. The .com held a $2,495 offering price and the .net held a $2,295 offering price. Both those prices data back to 2015 using the Screenshot History feature at

Coty Inc. registered adding to the 1,300+ other domains they own.

Disney/ABC registered the domain name to go along with the new co-host. The domain was registered April 28, 2017. The current domain used for the show is and the shows new full name is Live Kelly & Ryan. was registered on 4/28/2016 and doesn’t appear to be by Disney/ABC… which is pretty crazy when you think about it! EXACTLY 1 year prior, to the date that ABC registers

ABC also acquired via Afternic with the help of CSC. This domain was owned by HugeDomains and held only a $695 offering price.

Johnson & Johnson has acquired from HugeDomains. The domain held several lower $x,xxx prices so I’m not sure exactly what it was when it sold. J&J own around 40,000 domain names. changed web hosts and switched to Amazon hosting from DYN. has been sold out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. The domain held a $25,000 offering price and the buyers are currently unknown. which I mentioned was acquired by Flextronics in December 2016 for a rebrand, is now the companies main domain name. which was owned by Symantec Corporation did a flip flop of corporate registrar providers. The domain was registered with CSC Corporate Domains and put under generic whois data around 2012 and now has transferred into brand protection service MarkMonitor. Symantec acquired the domain name when they acquired MessageLabs. The domain doesn’t resolve and I’m not sure the reason for the movement, but it may be just consolidation as I seen several others owned by the company doing the same movement.

Earthlink, Inc. has sold the 3 letter domain name The company sold many of its 2 character domain names into the Chinese market already. transferred to GoDaddy under privacy protection. has been sold into the Chinese market. This is an exceptional domain name / brand name. I know the domain was for sale prior and was being offered around the $2xx,xxx range.

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    1. I heard reports of around $220,000. I agree, a very fair price for it!

  1. has rebranded as


    They are going to throw away a famous brand like that for something weird?

    1. @Snoopy,
      Yeah, I’m not liking it either! DotDash is a downgrade IMO of a brand name and so many better options they could have went with!

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