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Some big names in today’s list:

Fire Financial Services has acquired the premium generic domain name Fire.com! They are using the domain name PayWithFire.com currently, so clearly this is a big time domain name / brand upgrade for them.

Whois records changed very shortly out of privacy showing the new owners and back under privacy. Here is the record showing the new owners:

Fire.com Whois Record

Amazon should have considered acquiring this domain due to its many lines of products holding the fire branding, Fire TV, Fire Tablets etc. Now the term is more competitive and the option removed to help secure the brand.

Salesforce acquired the premium generic domain name Tablet.com dating back to around November 2011 via Escrow.com and bounced around in and out of whois privacy over the years and has finally transferred into brand protection service MarkMonitor. The domains redirect to Salesforce.com. Social.com, also owned by Salesforce moved a bit and changed DNS also, but still redirects to the same location as prior. Not to be outdone, Site.com also did a little DNS update and transferred into MarkMonitor as well. Salesforce has owned Site.com since around 2012.

GoDaddy has sold yet another 2 letter domain name but this time it was a .net and was SB.net

Theotis.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain was owned by HugeDomains.com and had an offering price of $2,695.

TotalCredit.com has transferred out of GoDaddy under privacy protection, over to CSC Corporate Domains under One Technologies. They do not appear to have owned this domain prior, so likely acquired it.

NextStep.com appears to be getting ready to transfer into CSC Corporate Domains. I’m not sure if it sold or not yet. The domain was under privacy in late 2015, then in July 2016 showed SyncSuite LLC , then New Material Inc. in late December. DNS has now changed to CSC and the status is OK, which will often indicate the domain has been unlocked and is in the transfer process.

PD1.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain was purchased at Sedo from a He Jing Yu of China. The domain sold for $3,500

A&E Television Networks, LLC has acquired the domain name KnightFall.com, which had a $22,500 offering price (on Sedo but that listing remains). A&E also registered the domain name PlayKnightFall.com which would make me think Knight Fall is a game of some sorts.

BRG.com has changed registrant details from Business Resource Group to Jones Lang LaSalle IP, Inc. JLL acquired BRG in July 2016.

Blue.com has been sold. James Currier is shown as the owner and the website is live and states:

“Blue was founded in 2015 by 40 families in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We are a group committed to living a lifestyle of fellowship, family, and service, and together we aim to flourish and live our best lives. Most of the energy of our organization is aimed at keeping our values more present in our daily lives and in transmitting those values to our children and community.”

Blue.com was acquired in 2006 for $500,000 but the current sales price is unknown. I did note in early November 2016 that the domain may have sold at that time, but I was also told the domain may have been stolen at that time.

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  1. Congratulation for Fire Financial Services. Fire.com is great domain. More then year ago I sold him FireAccount.com

  2. Blue.com has an interesting back story you can read about in the Domain Game book.


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