Welcome to Domain Movers, where DotWeekly detects high value and corporate domain name transactions and reports the early findings to you. I injured my wrist late last week and lost feeling in my hand, so that has been challenging me to type, so this report is delayed. I’ll be fine but I’m less motivated to type right now due to the pain.

Here are the latest movements:

GoDaddy has sold Placeholder.com $18,000 offering price, Mod.org $40,000 offering price and 8X.net out of its NameFind portfolio, as well as many others.

185.com and 199.com have both moved from eName to GoDaddy under privacy, with both likely changing ownership.

Santa.com moved BACK to Media Options S.A. ownership. October 6, 2016 I had reported the domain sold and moved into Escrow.com. At the time, Media Options could not provide comment on the transaction. So the Santa.com deal was either a 4 month lease or the deal fell apart based on whois record movement.

J9.com has moved out of Escrow.com and into Chinese ownership. Screenshot history from DomainTools shows that J9.com was for sale for $199,999 USD and was owned by Base64 Inc.

M&JK Dream Corp have taken ownership of Wonder.co. The domain came out of privacy at Dynadot and was owned by Markatos Design prior to the privacy.

Johnson & Johnson have acquired Trinza.com from its past owner who did have the domain name for sale.

Intuit Inc. moved 3 major brands over to Akamai hosting (mixed right now, with half Verisign/Akamai) but using Sitespect IP address on Intuit.com. Sitespect offers “tag-free web and mobile site optimization platform, enabling online businesses to test everything and target anyone”. TurboTax.com and Quickbooks.com were the other movers but do not appear to be using Sitespect.

Clutter Media LTD has acquired Vaji.com at domain name aftermarket service Afternic for an undisclosed amount.

Medcinity, LLC an online Medical, Health and Diagnostic Solutions service has acquired Ingest.com from Telepathy, Inc. The domain had an offering price of only $3,495 according to the landing page the domain name was being offered for sale on.

Medcinity also acquired the make sense, catchy domain name GetTested.com out of the GoDaddy NameFind portfolio around March 3, 2016 for an undisclosed amount.

Numo.com which I mentioned on January 19, 2017 that it had likely sold and moved to CSC Corporate Domains. Joshua Orbach, co-founder of Swag.com appears in whois for a short time prior to the CSC transfer. The domain remains at CSC but name servers have been set to GoDaddy’s DomainControl, using its hosting and a Fintech incubator coming soon page now appears. To note, there is a Numo.cash which is in stealth mode according to Angel.co but that may not be connected to Numo.com as the coming soon page states Pittsburgh and Numo.cash states Toronto Canada. If the .com and .cash are not connected, .cash is going to have some issues with the .com overpowering in branding IMO.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM.com) appears in whois records for a bunch of Trump related domain names that were registered under privacy protection at GoDaddy on December 12, 2016. IWasFiredByDonaldTrump.com .net/info/org. MakingTvGreatAgain.com, RetroTrump.com, TheFiredSite.com, TrumpedUpNation.com and YouWereFired.com are also in the batch.

A slew of “Ablic” domain names were registered at MarkMonitor using generic whois data and appear to be related to a semiconductor business. AblicCorp.com, AblicGroup.com, AblicInc.com and many more were registered. It currently doesn’t appear that they have secured Ablic.com but there is potential something is happening with it. The domain was under privacy at eName and no longer is under privacy but is still registered at eName. Future Elements is another term focused as that term also had a slew of domains registered in the same fashion as Ablic. Willforce as well.

T-Mobile continues to register hyphen domains like they are cool or good? It is a pattern they highly like to do but rarely do anything with them. They registered several SyncUp domains like SyncUp-Family.com, Syncup-Fitness.com, SyncUp-Pet.com and more. They would be better off acquiring SyncUp.com

CamelActive.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. Th e domain has been registered since 2003 and was part of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. JT International S.A. owns the .net, .org and Worldwide Brands, Inc. own the .info and .biz domains. Both are CSC clients and either could be the .com buyer.

Target Brands, Inc. has acquired GoodfellowAndCo.com with the help of Marksmen.

Dirt.com has moved into Escrow at Escrow.com. The domain was under privacy at GoDaddy since 2010 and had a for sale lander on the domain name at the time of movement.

QIA.com has been sold, with the transaction taking place at Afternic for an undisclosed amount.

Funny domain of the day goes to AssPassages.com which has moved out of privacy at GoDaddy to MarkMonitor under generic whois data. Many domains moved to MarkMonitor that are owned by Passages Malibu, some using generic whois and some not. Passages Malibu is a luxury addiction treatment center.

Xci.com is in a pretty rare situation, as the domain name expired and was removed from the registry and was caught on the drop by DropCatch.com and is currently on auction. Very few 3 letter .com domains in general are allowed to expire since in general, they hold a minimum wholesale value of $xx,xxx

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4 Responses to Domain Movers: Dirt.com, 199.com + More
  1. Great work, Jamie!
    MGM’s Trump-related acquisitions particularly interesting…

    Get well soon!!

  2. I find the AssPassages.com sale to be very moving.

  3. Corporate cluelessness never ceases to amaze:

    “IWasFiredByDonaldTrump.com .net/info/org”

    So they registered not 1 but 4 domains, each of which is 6 words long.

    Meanwhile this 3-word version is sitting unregistered right under their noses:



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