Here are the latest domain movers detected by DotWeekly with a focus on corporate domain name transactions and general high value domain names. These are often early findings and not all details are known. I try my best to share the sales price when I can and provide as much details about each movement. Keep in mind I look at hundreds of thousands of domain movements a day and this is just a very small sampling of the daily activity. that I mentioned the other day had been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client, the domain name is now redirecting to, which has a coming soon page dated April 3, 2017. The domain is on NameServers of, which is Computer Sciences Corporation. A bit more research reveals DXC Technology is the combined CSC and HPE Enterprise Services merger and the new name for the company. was registered January 2017, prior to acquiring the 3 letter .com, so which domain will end up being the main domain name used at launch? I’ll bet on has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client.

Unilever registers the domain name adding to its domain name portfolio of 7,700 domain names. has been acquired out of the NameFind portfolio by a currently unknown NetNames client.

The Capital Group Companies, Inc. has acquired EMD, upgrading from the confusing domain name. eNaming brokerage firm was offering the domain in June based on which I mentioned sold via Afternic the other day to an unknown buyer, that buyer was domain investor Embrand / Michael Bilde. which was owned by Sprint Communications moved out of CSC Corporate domains and over to NameSilo and is now displaying a coming soon page for Zome | Smart Home Systems

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. registered, with owned by HugeDomains and currently for sale for $2,395

Bauer Hockey, Inc. registered the domain name adding to the 155 domain names they currently own. has been acquired out of the NameFind portfolio by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. has been acquired by The domain was owned by GoDaddy’s NameFind prior.

The Shade TTY Ltd. has acquired its EMD and acquired also out of the NameFind portfolio. GoDaddy also sold (asking price was north of $15K), and many more. In general, GoDaddy sells around 10 domains per day. I wish I could provide sales prices with these but GoDaddy does a pretty good job of hiding them and doesn’t report them. Most domains have an $x,xxx offering price at a minimum. I know domains that start with The+Keyword are all around $xx,xxx for an idea. So in general, most NameFind sales are at least $2,xxx-$xx,xxx range. has moved into escrow via The domain was owned by Chimp Ltd prior according to whois records. was recently sold and acquired by Premium Lighting, which is using The domain had a $50,000 offering price.

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  1. Nice report Jamie, i always amazed the way you track these domain moves 🙂 Need to learn a thing or two to track .IN extension moves where i am mainly focused at moment.


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