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The following are movements detected over the past 24 hours. In today’s movers we see at least 4 brands being backed by the best, make sense .com EMD’s (exact match domains), which are all 4 letters or less:

Anheuser-Busch InBev SA has acquired DrinkMaker.com and DrinkMakers.com. Both domain names were owned by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. prior. Anheuser put the domain names under the business name Bedford Systems, LLC.

Facebook Inc. has acquired LeapLock.com. Currently only name servers reveal this but Lovells is the registrant email address and is the legal service used in many domains acquired by Facebook. The domain currently only holds a creation date of December 29, 2016 after expiring in October 2016. The domain was registered by a Gabriele Cannas of Italy.

Johnson & Johnson have registered AcnePen.net and AcnePen.org. AcnePen.com was owned by HugeDomains with a $2,495 offering price and whois changed to a SnapNames holding account the day of the .net and .org registrations and displays a Key-Systems registrant email address. J&J uses Key-Systems services.

xTom Pty Ltd has acquired PO.net from GoDaddy’s NameFind domain portfolio. xTom is a hosting company and most LL .net domains have been selling for mid $xx,xxx or higher.

Chegg Inc. has acquired DraftScience.com from HugeDomains. The domain held a $2,095 purchase price. Chegg currently owns over 600 domain names.

1515.com which sold on Sedo for $121,000 was acquired by DotMedia Limited of China.

Dova.com which I mentioned sold on Sedo for $30,000 EUR was a EMD purchase by Dova Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to shorten up its domain name.

PillowFort.com has been acquired by domain buying service Marksmen for a currently undisclosed client. The domain has been registered since 2002 and has transferred into CSC Corporate Domains registrar.

National Confectioners Association has acquired AlwaysATreat.com from Mike Mann’s DomainMarket. The domain held a $9,888 offering price and was acquired at Afternic.

Sony Music Entertainment registered several “Zelig” domain names like ZeligPub.com, ZeligPublishing.com, WeAreZelig.com and ZeligRecs.com. Frank Schillings Name Admin Inc. owns the EMD Zelig.com which is for sale.

General Electric Company has acquired PartnersPro.com with the help of CSC. The domain was owned by BuyDomains prior. Why they didn’t buy PartnerPros.com for $388 from the same seller, I’m not sure but that would have been a wise purchase as well.

CreditClub.com has transferred into CSC Corporate domains under generic whois data. The domain was owned by H. K. Do of Korea and using Sedo parking name servers, so this domain may have sold. To note, Bruce Marler hand registered Credit.club as reported by DomainGang.com in 2015.

Oath.com has officially transferred into CSC Corporate Domains and AOL continues registering new Oath domain names.

Carrot.com comes out of Escrow.com and moved into whois privacy. The domain name is currently not resolving and appears to have been in escrow for a couple of years, likely on a payment plan.

Berol Corporation has acquired StopSpills.com on the cheap. The domain held a mere $249 offering price. The domain has been registered for the past 10 years!

Target Brands, Inc. has acquired TargetTech.com a domain name that has been registered since 2000. The domain was owned by Support.com prior.

Bus.com has been acquired by startup ShareTheBus for a rebrand to simply Bus.com. They also announced a $5M investment round. Great upgrade and a wise investment / rebrand! Bus.com has been registered since 1994. The domain was owned by R & D Enterprises (BusWorks.com) until August 23, 2016 when the domain moved into whois privacy at Uniregistry and was the likely time the domain sold.

Axon.com has been acquired by TASER International for a corporate rebrand as the company expands product offerings beyond the TASER electric shock devices and now also offers body cameras and other products. The domain was owned by TPG-Axon Capital Management LP of New York which is a privately held hedge fund and has been registered since 1998. Whois data moved into whois privacy on January 28, 2017 and may indicate the time of purchase. TPG-Axon was using the domain name prior and appears to be using TPGAxon.com now. There are actually a lot of companies called Axon, all who likely are kicking themselves for not securing the .com and may hold a higher chance of needing to rebrand now!

It does appear the TASER was using Axon.io prior to the .com purchase, as that domain is what Google is currently displaying upon searching for Axon. The .io domain is now redirecting to the premium .com domain.

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