Welcome to Domain Movers. We keep track of corporate domain name transactions and report the early findings to you. Here is a tiny sample of movements recently detected.

As you will see, Frank Schilling’s Name Administration Inc. was a big winner the past couple of days!

Mixer.com that I mentioned had been acquired from Tucows YummyNames on February 17, 2017 but the buyer wasn’t know at that time, has been acquired by Microsoft Corporation. They have set the domain to CloudFlare hosting, which is also a bit interesting but the domain is not resolving yet.

FestivalPassport.com has been acquired from HugeDomains by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain held an offering price of $1,895. There is good potential that Live Nation were the buyers as they registered FestivalPassport.net.

AK.com has been sold by GoDaddy out of its NameFind portfolio into the Chinese market, to a Deng Jing. AK.com was part of the Elite Domains portfolio they acquired for $40+ million and the best portfolio they acquired IMO due to the 20+ 2 letter .com domains and many Chinese premium domains they have unloaded already.

Unilever has registered the domain name BrushBrush.org. HugeDomains owns the .com and is for sale for $2,395. Will they buy it? or what was the purpose of just registering the .org… we will see.

Rovio Entertainment LTD. (makers of Angry Birds) has acquired BattleBay.com from Frank Schillings Name Administration Inc. Rovio just announced a new game called Battle Bay. I wasn’t able to find a sales price but it’s not uncommon for a domain like this to hold a five figure offering price.

Star Wars. Several new relating domain names were registered at CSC. Those included: StarWarsTalksFirst.com/net, StarWarsWhoTalks.com/net, StarWarsWhoTalksFirst.com, WhoTalksFirst.com/net, WhoTalksFirstStarWars.com/net, WhoTalksFirstStarWarsShow.com/.net  and StarWarsWTF.net

Cystic-Fibrosis.com sold for $11,000 at domain name aftermarket service Sedo. The domain appears to have been acquired by Health-Union.com

WorldAirways.com ended in an expired auction at GoDaddy for $66,000. Interestingly, the domain expired last year and sold for $3,650 on the same day in 2016. The domain was under privacy protection after being acquired in 2016. Lately, a fair amount of expired auctions at GoDaddy have been renewed after the auction ends… GoDaddy needs to make a policy change, that domains on auction can no longer be renewed by its past owner! I’ll keep an eye on this one and see if it actually changes ownership.

Metalin LTD has acquired its EMD via domain name aftermarket service Sedo by buying Metalin.com. The company was using Metalin.bg prior, so a nice domain upgrade for the company.

BadLiar.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain was owned by Champ Entertainment, Inc. via Jamie Lewis prior and registered at GoDaddy.

Frank Schilling and his Name Administration Inc. continues to sell domain names to end users. Vienna Sightseeing Tours Gmbh&Co.KG acquired Flexipass.com, which held a $28,000 buy now price. Roberscheuten Bv acquired Hipi.com, which held a $89,000 buy now price. Popout.com was also sold and transferred to GoDaddy under privacy protection. Popout.com held a $66,000 buy now price. Ben Ives of RapidVisa.com also acquired K1Visa.com, which held a $39,600 buy now price.

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  1. Thanks for sharing as always!
    Some great sales and FS making some good sales.

  2. Great so now we will never win a .com domain at namejet since is warchest is so massive now


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