Welcome! This is Domain Movers. We keep track of corporate related domain name transactions and report these early findings to you.

These often indicate new brands, new advertising or marketing efforts, domain name upgrades and more.

Here is a small sampling of the latest domain transactions detected over the past 24 hours:

WeWork Companies Inc. has acquired We.co. In 2015, We.com sold for a reported $8 million, not to WeWork though. I was not able to find the sales price on We.co domain purchase. NameBio.com shows several reported 2 letter .co domains selling for mid five figures to note.

CarDash which was just launched as a startup to help people get vehicle service done, launched under the make sense domain name, CarDash.com. The domain name held an offering price of $44,000.

EnergyOutlet.com sold for $47,000 via Sedo. The domain was owned by Mike Mann’s DomainMarket.com. He purchased the domain in 2009 for $420 and owns over 275,000 domain names. Mike also sold SkunkLabs.com via Sedo for $19,888 with the potential buyers being SkunkLabsHC.com.

SunGard Public Sector LLC has listed the domain name CRW.com for sale, with the help of corporate registrar MarkMonitor. These domains are often “end user priced” but it’s a nice domain for an end user and one that hasn’t been for sale. The domain has a contact form on it if you hold interest.

Viking River Cruises has acquired AViking.com, likely from HugeDomains (held a $2,795 buy now) but the domain had some odd whois changes prior to going to Viking River Cruises. The domain showed HugeDomains up to July 31, 2017 and was registered at NameBright.com. On August 1, 2017 the domain transfers to Register.com under Ari Apelian of Reseda, CA and the email address of ari_apelian@yahoo.com. On August 8, 2017 the domain transfers registrars again, this time to CSC Corporate Domains and displays Viking River Cruises as the owners.

AT&T SERVICES, INC. have acquired Wattch.com, which was parked with Sedo.com prior by its past owners.

IceCreamDelivery.com has been acquired by a currently unknown NetNames Client (owned by CSC). The domain was for sale using the Uniregistry system.

Zillow, Inc. were the buyers of Outeast.com, which I had mention was acquired by domain buying service Marksmen.

TrueCar Inc. has acquired DrivenToDrive.com, also with the help of Marksmen.

LivLife.com has been acquired by ViiV Healthcare Company with a GSK email, with the help of Marksmen. The common spelling, LiveLife.com is not owned by ViiV currently.

XWord Media LLC has done a domain name upgrade and acquired Xword.com. The company is currently using XwordMedia.com. The company announced this domain purchase on August 2, 2017 but did not disclose the purchase price. I’d expect this to have been a higher four figure sale. The domain was part of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio.

ConAgra Foods Inc. registered the domain name ChiliPride.com adding to the 1,700+ other domain names owned by the company.

MaraJo.com has been acquired by Guthy-Renker LLC. The domain held an offering price of $1,888. They also registered a MaraJoe.com, MaraJoReviews.com and MaraJoReview.com

Victoria’s Secret registered the domain name NewSexyNow.com

Nab.com and Nab.net have both been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. This was likely a significant sale.

CSC continued its buying efforts on behalf of its many corporate clients and also purchased the following domains from its past owners: 7Plus.com, HallsKids.com and Vostio.com.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory registered AcureWithin.com & .net

Disney Enterprises, Inc. registered DisneyInventor.com and DisneyInventors.com

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5 Responses to Company Domain Movers: Nab.com, We.co + More
  1. National Australia Bank is often referred to as “NAB” and is one of the “Big Four” Australian banks. They own nab.com.au and also the .NAB brand string, so would be a likely buyer of NAB.com. I’m actually surprised to learn they didn’t already own it. Commonwealth Bank owns CBA.com.

    • @Dave Tyrer,
      Commonwealth Bank of Australia only recently acquired CBA.com as noted here: http://dotweekly.com/domain-movers-cba-com-ofo-com-mh-org/ in that April 2017 article. Nab.com.au certainly may be the buyers of Nab.com, because it’s would be important for them to own. I know many forget the .au after .com when sending email and likely visiting the site.

      • After the Commonwealth acquired CBA.com and Bankwest acquired Bankwest.com (via UDRP I recall), I believe that the NAB (National Australia Bank) is the only remaining, major Australian Bank not to own the matching .COM.

  2. RE: Viking – Ari Apelian is the Director of Digital Marketing for Viking, so he likely bought himself and then handed over to CSC to hold (probably cheaper than them doing the acquisition)


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