Here is another round of company domain movers, or as I like to call them DotWeekly Domain Discoveries! Domain names recently registered or purchased by large companies. Today’s list is BIG, so lets get started right away.

TJX Companies a domain that I covered on June 25, 2014 when TJX hand registered the domain, has been launched as a website. I liked the hand registration but I stated it depended upon
“what” they used it for (I was thinking an app or alert service to new products), well I think they failed big time! is being used for “The TJX Rewards Credit Card”. IMO,
the domain doesn’t fit even one bit to the use!

Another big blunder but easily fixed… does not resolve. does.. so they need to fix that, because most will not include www. when trying to visit
the site.

Bayer AG

Asked the question with hand registering the domain name and followed up with the . They did not register
and either would I! Depends what they plan on doing with the domains really, but I do not see some huge campaign behind them. Maybe a simple survey or something like that.

They also registered a bunch of double and even TRIPLE hyphenated domain names like,, and .

The likely reason or motive? A couple more domain registrations point to (the term Tubal, is “having your tubes tied”) and so something likely related to that.

ING North America Insurance

Hand registered a nice, make sense domain name . The domain was registered before for several short periods of time and had last expired on 4/28/2013.

Halewood International Brands Limited

Registered the domain name to add to there domain portfolio of around 70 domain names. What is not very refreshing, is the UK companies “main domain name” which
is .

In a little over 30 years, what is now Halewood International Holdings PLC has grown from a start-up company to become the UK’s largest independent drinks manufacturer and distributor,
with a turnover in excess of £270 million and employing more than 1,000 people worldwide.

Unisource Worldwide, Inc.

Unisource is a distributor of printing paper, packaging equipment and supplies, and facility maintenance equipment and supplies. It also provides logistics services to other companies
through its truck fleet and warehouses.

They very likely purchased the domain name between 6/1 to 7/15, 2014 from somebody in Korea. I wasn’t able to find a publicly reported sales price.

The Procter & Gamble Company

Hand registered two domain names that included and . P&G owns the TM for Zzzquil which is a sleep aid. was registered on 1/7/2011
and the standard mark on March 30, 2010. Several more Zzzquil trademarks have been filed since with related products like “Light Therapy” and “Sound Device”.

VeriSign Inc.

The domain name registry for .com and .net domain names, registered two domain names: and . The .com domain was registered before and not by
VeriSign, but the .net was not registered. The .com expired on 6/14/2013 and VeriSign registered it 7/16/2014.

Wirecard Technologies AG

Likely purchased the domain name from Upnext Ltd. (

Purchased the domain name from NameMedia Inc. The domain name was listed for sale at $3,688

Unknown sold to an unknown buyer at this time. BuyDomains / NameMedia was the past owner. The domain was listed for sale at $2,588

Google Inc.

Likely used its own domain name registrar and hand registered two domain names, and . These are some of the first “Google owned” product domains that I have
seen being registered with the new Google Domains. Google has continued to use MarkMonitor for its domain registrations. To note, Google Domains had one of it’s bigger registration and transfer in days that I have seen. Still small amounts of domains, but I’m just saying!

SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment

Registered the domain name Not sure if there is a BK in Sea World or not.. they are forwarding the domain with “masking” to a Sea World site. Burger King does run some coupon promotions from time to time for Sea World.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Registered the domain name . I wasn’t able to dig up any further info on this, but it may be a later movie or show of some sort.

SPD Domain Names Inc. (Sony Pictures)

Registered the domain names and .net .

Novartis AG

Registered the domain name

Pitney Bowes Inc.

Registered the domain name

Sprout (

Registered a bunch of domain names relating to an upcoming launch of the show Earth To Luna! and some of those domains are (the plural as well) and
plural,, . I assume they own the .com, which was registered in Jan 2014 but the domain is registered with DreamHost. The vast majority of “sprout”
domains are registered with CSC Corporate domains.,,, and several more similar domains were also registered.

Earth To Luna! is set to launch August 16, 2014.

Sprout also registered a bunch of “BOJ” related domains that are similar in nature to the Luna domains, likely related to the new BOJ series that had a May 2014 launch date.

TrueCar Inc.

Registered several more “true” domain names like,,,, and .

TrueCar, Inc. is an automotive pricing and information website for new and used car buyers and dealers, so I’m not sure how those domains relate to “automotive” but they registered them.
The main website for TrueCar Inc. is .

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  1. You’ve done a tutorial on how you put these lists together in past – i forget?
    Your main tool is/was DomainTools?
    Nice list(s) & info to know

    • John,

      I think I shared it before my site got deleted, but I’m not 100% sure. Basically, I use a lot of different sources that are commonly attached with related data with every domain name and then I put in a lot of hours digging that information and see what I see. I really do not have “one source”, I use a lot of tools in a combination. Some tools are more useful than others but other sources provide very helpful details that spark my interest to dig etc. I know that wasn’t exactly what you wanted to here but that was a general overview 🙂


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